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Exciting tasks in engineering

Industrial robots play an increasingly important role in industrial engineering. This is where we need specialists with extensive experience in programming industrial robots. Start now at the Bundesdruckerei Group and get robots up to speed with us.

Robots in the fast lane

Industrial engineering is developing at a rapid pace. This is not least due to industrial robots which are becoming faster and more efficient. This is where we need specialists with extensive experience in programming industrial robots. Start now at Bundesdruckerei and get robots up to speed with us.

Experiences from our teams

Regina Richter
Regina Richter
Production Engineer

What are your main tasks at Bundesdruckerei?

I optimize the software of robots that are used in our production facilities. My goal is to make the robots move in a way that minimizes wear and tear and thus the need for replacement while the system continues to produce at a high level. By closely observing and evaluating the complex interaction between the robots and the functional units surrounding them – such as the supply and removal of production parts – I can accelerate the process while protecting the motors of the robot axes. In other words, I am also responsible for ensuring that the robots work reliably and efficiently. Due to increasing connectivity of production plants, the software of the machines used must also be constantly further developed. That makes my job really varied and exciting.

What is your professional background?

I studied mathematics and have a PhD in physics, so I have a strong background in logic and the fundamentals of science. I also have many years of experience in programming robots in industry.

How important is your work for the company?

My work helps to avoid unnecessary downtimes and idle times in production. In modern, fully automated production environments, efficiency is naturally a big issue. Reliable and user-friendly robots create a sense of achievement for the department and ultimately help the whole company.

Can you give us an example that describes the challenges you master in your work?

To improve the work of a robot and make production as efficient as possible, I need to understand a large bundle of text files. What is the logical relationship between the individual files? Is the same robot position perhaps used in several other files? If this is the case, we speak of a ‘sacred position’. You have to evaluate a variety of different movements before you change the position of the robot. If I think in terms of just a single move, I might make the wrong decision. So, I always have to consider all the possibilities and procedures. This is the only way I can assess whether a change of position or movement makes sense. If I optimize only one setting, it may have negative effects on others – for example, the robot could damage parts of the system. At worst, this can lead to the complete system coming to a standstill for several weeks and nothing can be produced.

What personal successes have you had at Bundesdruckerei?

While setting up a plant, I developed a smart structure for the robot software. The software is written in such a way that the system is easy to operate, user-friendly and highly efficient. Personally, I attach great importance to the fact that the software code is clear and easy for my colleagues to understand. I particularly enjoy the fact that I am optimizing the heart of Bundesdruckerei: the production of ID cards.

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