Bundesdruckerei-Gruppe mit Frame

A group with its very own identity and character

Secure identities, secure data and secure infrastructures are the core competences of the Bundesdruckerei Group. The group companies protect with technologies and services 'Made in Germany' sensitive data, communications and infrastructures. The solutions are rooted in the secure identification of citizens, customers, employees and systems in both the analogue and digital world.

About the Bundesdruckerei Group

CEO Dr. Stefan Hofschen and CFO Christian Helfrich form the management of Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH.

Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH is made up of five subsidiaries and a number of shareholdings: They all have one goal in common: to protect identities, data and infrastructure.

The Supervisory Board of Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH is made up of twelve members with shareholder and employee representatives as required by the German Co-Determination Act.

History 1933


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In this corporate film, you will experience the brand presence of the Bundesdruckerei Group in several scenes. Subtitles accompany the visual impressions, providing an additional dimension of accessibility. Crucial information about the services of the Bundesdruckerei Group is conveyed though simple visuals and a narrator’s voice, ensuring easy understanding. The focus is particularly on showcasing the products, work environments, and the socio-political mission of the Bundesdruckerei Group.


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