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We provide security wherever it is needed, especially for processes at public authorities and ministries. Reliability and security are our top priorities and this allows us to create trust and ensure smooth and efficient procedures. We specialize in secure identities and digital infrastructures – on a global scale. The products and one-stop solutions developed by us are used to reliably identify people, objects and institutions in both the analog and digital world. 

Passport and ID card system for Germany

Bundesdruckerei has a tradition of producing Germany's ID cards and passports. We also supply comprehensive ID systems, from document application right through to document delivery. Many foreign nations also rely on our expertise when it comes to solutions and products for governments. Veridos, a Bundesdruckerei shareholding, is our distribution partner here.  For Germany, we produce ID cards, passports, residence permits, office ID cards as well as visas and driving licences. In this way, we are helping to protect people's identity in both the analog and digital world.

Reliable document verification

Official documents often have to be checked to ensure that they are genuine – not just at borders. Staff at municipal authorities, for instance, at registration offices, and at many companies have to be able to check ID documents quickly and reliably in order to prevent misuse.

Technologies for fast and secure border control

Border controls should be fast and secure – no easy task considering the vast amount of different ID documents in use around the world. We can support you with tailored solutions. Since demands on security at international borders are rising, travelers’ identities and their right to enter a country must be checked quickly and reliably – no easy task considering the many ID documents in use, their highly complex technologies and different security features.

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