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The unique identification of persons, machines and objects as well as the protection of data and sensitive IT infrastructures are essential cornerstones of secure digitization. The companies on the Bundesdruckerei Group protect sensitive data, communication and infrastructure with services and innovative technologies "Made in Germany".

As a German federal technology company, the Bundesdruckerei Group is contributing to the digital sovereignty of Germany and Europe with its digital and security expertise. In this way, the Group is creating trust in society. Its individual companies offer identification systems along with products and solutions relating to cyber security and digitisation – for the public sector and for areas of society and the economy that are worthy of protection.  

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IT security is the foundation for successful digitalization. To facilitate connectivity and mobile working, sensitive data must be secured. ‘Security by design’ means IT security from the very beginning.

Data is an asset that must be protected. Digitalization is increasing the number of services that process data. That’s why it is so essential to protect sensitive data.

Secure identities are part of the core expertise of the companies in the Bundesdruckerei Group. With services and technologies ‘Made in Germany’, the companies of the group ensure that digital identities and sensitive data are protected.

Security solutions from the companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group reliably protect critical infrastructures, public authorities and industry against cyberattacks.

The companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group deliver comprehensive solutions for secure digital administration right up to RESTRICTED’ (VS-NfD) classification level.

The companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group are driving the secure digitalization of the healthcare sector with solutions that create trust, accelerate medical progress and protect patient data.

Trust is a decisive factor in communication between customers and partners. eIDAS-compliant trust services are the key to protecting digital communications.

With deep roots in tradition and innovation, the Bundesdruckerei Group develops counterfeit-proof and attractive printed products, such as banknotes and postage stamps, for governments and central banks.


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Whether secure identities, secure data or secure infrastructure - here you will find the solutions and products of the group companies for secure digitization "Made in Germany".

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