As a public company, Bundesdruckerei believes that it has a special commitment to the interests of the state, citizens and society. That's why the company pursues a holistic approach in order to create a balance between economic, ecological and social interests.

Bundesdruckerei is a government-owned company that operates according to private-sector principles. The company's business model is designed for the long term and is based on the principle of sustainable and far-sighted business management. Bundesdruckerei implements the highest security and quality standards whilst adhering to clearly defined compliance and management guidelines. In doing so, it also considers the interests of its employees and environmental protection. In its home region of Berlin-Brandenburg, the company is additionally involved in social projects.

Security & Quality

Security and quality are among Bundesdruckerei's top priorities. After all, that's our core business! That's why the company is so committed to comprehensive security and quality management.


Bundesdruckerei's compliance management system ensures that staff not only act in a law-compliant manner, but that they also meet with growing ethical demands. This includes both external requirements as well as the company's own code of conduct.

Environment & Sustainability

The Bundesdruckerei Group preserves the environment and creates a healthy and safe work environment for its employees. Find out more about the Bundesdruckerei Group’s integrated environmental management system.


The Bundesdruckerei Group has a tradition of involvement in social and educational projects in our home region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Our employees are also committed to social issues.

Politics and committee work

As an expert for secure identities and secure data, the Bundesdruckerei Group is involved in various regional, national and international committees and also supports players in the political arena with its know-how.

Our Purchasing Conditions

The Bundesdruckerei Group places the highest demands on all suppliers and service providers. This applies, for example, to pricing, quality, sustainability and delivery performance. The company appreciates values such as transparency, customer orientation and high flexibility in its cooperation.