eGovernment :
Digital processes for public authorities

A digital administration is an important part of the economic success of a region or country: When choosing a location for their business, companies take into account the efficiency, precision and speed of procedures by public authorities. Citizens too increasingly want to benefit from simpler administrative processes.

Trips to public authorities are now considered to be a thing of the past.  Even more important, however, is the contribution that eGovernment is making to ensure smooth, reliable and, above all, cost-efficient administration. This is where Bundesdruckerei provides security.   

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Sector-specific solutions

Citizens’ office
Citizens’ office
Many of the procedures that still require people to go to the citizens' office could also be carried out online. This would mean a huge relief for both administrative staff and citizens. Bundesdruckerei can offer you tailor-made products for the digital future of your citizens’ office. You can rely on personal advice, sound, legally compliant solutions and the experience gained from many successful projects.
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German government and security authorities
German government and security authorities
Since the German government launched is implementation strategy for shaping the digital transformation, the topic of digitalization has been on the agenda at all levels of federal and security authorities. In particular, the IT Planning Council is to promote user-orientated electronic administrative services and ensure the economic, efficient and secure operation of the administration’s IT. Bundesdruckerei supports the federal and security authorities with expertise, innovations and legally compliant solutions.
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Law firm
Law firm
Digitalization presents many law firms with new challenges. Legal services are increasingly being provided on the Internet. Clients and legislators expect secure online exchange of data while observing the obligation of secrecy through the zero knowledge principle. Bundesdruckerei is a reliable partner when it comes to the digital transformation of your law firm. We can advise you and provide you with legally compliant and user-friendly solutions.
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Solutions and products for eGovernment

AusweisIDent Vor-Ort
AusweisIDent On-Site: Secure electronic reading of ID card data
The AusweisIDent On-Site solution enables error-free electronic reading of ID card data.
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AusweisIdent Online
AusweisIDent Online: Digital identification with the ID card
The AusweisIDent Online method uses the electronic ID card, is thoroughly digital and legally compliant.
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Business Services
Business Services: Efficient digital document exchange
Reduce internal administration costs with simple processes for digital document exchange.
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Certificate Service Manager
Certificate Service Manager (CSM): Managing and requesting certificates
With the Certificate Service Manager (CSM), a managed PKI solution, you yourself can manage and request certificates.
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Personal and organization certificates
Employees can use secure personal certificates as digital proof of identity, to sign and encrypt e-mails and to sign or seal documents.
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Seal cards: The digital counterpart to seals and stamps
Legal entities can use our seal cards to sign their documents in a legally binding manner.
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Secure Hosting
Secure Hosting for data and services
We provide you with high-security server space and power for your data, applications, web services or complex IT services.
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Self Service Terminal
Self-service terminal
Using the self-service terminal, citizens can capture their own data at the public agency and apply for ID documents.
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sign-me: The online signature for digital documents
Sign-me enables paper-based signature processes to be handled in an entirely electronic procedure.
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Signature cards
You can use signature cards to sign digital documents, such as contracts, in a legally binding manner using a single medium.
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SSL Zertifikat
SSL certificates
An SSL certificate assures the user that a real and trusted person or institution is behind an Internet presence.
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Visocore Office
VISOCORE®: Secure document verification
The VISOCORE® products enable the verification of ID documents both quickly and reliably.
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