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IT security for the energy industry

Energy suppliers, as part of critical infrastructure, are essential for our society. That’s why the legal requirements for protecting the IT systems and processes used there are so strict. The companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group supply energy companies with solutions to protect their information technology as required by law.

Solutions for energy companies

The energy sector has been facing considerable challenges in terms of IT security, not least since the introduction of the IT Security Act (IT-Sicherheitsgesetz) in 2015 followed by the tightening of this law with the EU’s NIS Directive in 2017. The second ordinance amending the BSI Criticality Ordinance (BSI-Kritisverordnung) will increase pressure further beginning in 2022. Energy suppliers must now prove that their IT security is state of the art. What’s more, the EDIFACT requirements for exchanging electronic data must also be taken into account. Electronic encryption and digital signatures are also mandatory.

In order to implement all these requirements in a legally recognized and secure manner, the companies and experts of the Bundesdruckerei Group support the energy industry with advice, services and solutions that comply with the current state of the art and legal requirements. 

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