Our Purchasing Conditions

The Bundesdruckerei Group places the highest demands on all suppliers and service providers. This applies, for example, to pricing, quality, sustainability and delivery performance. The company appreciates values such as transparency, customer orientation and high flexibility in its cooperation.

Successful cooperation based on modern purchasing methods

As a company owned by the German state, Bundesdruckerei is committed to ensuring at all times that the right materials and services are procured. All purchases must comply with our specifications regarding place, time, quality and quantity under the most economical conditions. All suppliers and service providers have in common that they are very flexible and efficient, that they work in a transparent and customer-orientated manner and that they know and support our processes and systems. This creates the basis for target-orientated and successful cooperation and offers the opportunity to make an important contribution towards strong operational performance and to the strategic further development of Bundesdruckerei’s business.

In order to guarantee optimum procurement, the company relies on modern purchasing methods and tools as well as on continuous communications with all suppliers. The Supplier Portal is the central communication platform. In this portal, suppliers can, for instance, find basic information on processes relevant for suppliers and specific business aspects.

Sustainability and human rights play an important role in Bundesdruckerei’s procurement processes. Economic success and moral commitment are not contradictory for our corporate group, but are indispensable prerequisites for sustainable positive corporate development. Bundesdruckerei’s Purchasing Department is committed to complying with the provisions of the Supply Chain Act (LkSG) with regard to itself and its suppliers. If you have any questions about the LkSG, please contact:

To guarantee optimal procurement, the company relies on both modern purchasing methods and tools as well as continuous communication with all suppliers. For more information, please see the General Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services and Construction Purchases and our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.