Compliance is an important foundation for the trust that customers place in our company. In its determination to ensure that all rules and laws are observed, Bundesdruckerei now has a compliance management system in place.

The compliance approach

Bundesdruckerei regularly provides training for its staff that helps them to understand themes related to compliance, laws and regulations as well as the internal code of conduct. Within the scope of the compliance management system, possible risks can be quickly identified and preventive measures can be introduced. This also includes suitable organisational structures and processes as well as checks and controls. Irregularities or suspected cases can be reported (so-called whistleblowing), even anonymously, via our whistleblower system.

Export control

The company also adheres strictly to the provisions of export compliance. The export control department ensures that exports of goods, software and technology comply with all EU and German regulations. Our staff check whether all country, personal and use-related restrictions have been observed, such as embargoes, sanction lists, approval obligations or bans. In-house and external seminars and training sessions on expert control are also offered. This kind of training helps to make staff more aware of this important issue.

Customs compliance

The customs department sets up the movement of goods to third countries in compliance with the law. Staff here help to ensure tax-related reliability by classing the goods in the customs tariff and identifying the customs value. They also check whether preferential customs tariffs exist. Moreover, these customs experts provide legally sound advice in matters related to customs and foreign trade to all the departments involved in this business. Bundesdruckerei also trains other companies in seminars on various aspects of customs law.

In 2019, Bundesdruckerei became an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). With this accreditation, the German Customs Authority confirms us to be a particularly reliable and trusted partner when it comes to handling international business transactions.

What's also important to us

Security & Quality

Security and quality are among Bundesdruckerei's top priorities. After all, that's our core business! That's why the company is so committed to comprehensive security and quality management.

Environment & Sustainability

Bundesdruckerei preserves the environment and creates a healthy and safe work environment for its employees. Find out more about Bundesdruckerei's integrated environmental management system.


Bundesdruckerei has a tradition of involvement in social and educational projects in our home region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Our employees are also committed to social issues.