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Maurer Electronics GmbH acts as the development company of Bundesdruckerei GmbH for ID systems and system components. The company develops hardware and software to create, personalise and verify ID documents, integrates the developed components into complete system solutions and offers services for the integrated hardware and software solutions. In addition to its Munich headquarters, Maurer Electronics also has locations in Cham, Leipzig, Hamburg, Hanover and Split (Croatia).

Unique projects in a unique environment

When it comes to solutions for the personalisation and verification of ID documents, the software and hardware specialists in Munich and Cham have it covered.

In environments which are very well equipped for development work, teams from different locations work together to develop solutions for current sovereign documents as well as future generations of ID documents. Specialists from various technical fields and teams work together from the conception phase, through the development phase, up to the final implementation in a machine.

We are always looking for new talent and specialists from around the world to work on the ongoing development and maintenance of existing products or develop new innovative solutions with us.

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Die Maurer Electronics GmbH fungiert als Entwicklungsgesellschaft der Bundesdruckerei GmbH für ID-Systeme und Systemkomponenten. Das Unternehmen entwickelt Hard- und Software im Bereich der Erfassung, Personalisierung sowie Verifikation von ID-Dokumenten, bindet die entwickelten Komponenten in komplette Systemlösungen ein und bietet Services für die integrierten Hard- und Softwarelösungen. Neben unserem Hauptsitz in München haben wir Niederlassungen in Cham, Leipzig, Hamburg, Hannover und Split (Kroatien).

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Jobs with future prospects – software specialists in Munich and Cham

At its Munich and Cham locations, the company mainly employs specialists in the fields of software development, system and software architecture, software testing and product ownership. See our vacancies for more information on entry-level opportunities at Maurer Electronics.

Testimonials from our teams

Modern work in a contemporary environment

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Flexible working models and hours

Flexible working models and hours plus 30 days of annual leave enable an optimal work-life balance.
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Innovative projects

The Maurer Electronics Munich location develops innovative products and technologies for the production of sovereign documents used worldwide.
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Collegial cooperation

Jobs at Maurer Electronics are distinguished by the agile working methods and interdisciplinary cooperation in the group’s teams, where everyone is treated as an equal.
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Individual development opportunities

We offer several opportunities for ongoing development as well as specialist and management programmes to help our experts strengthen and expand their skill sets.
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Modern location

At the Munich location, Maurer Electronics works on exciting tasks and innovative solutions with a focus on laser technologies.

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