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Fintechs: The revolution in the finance sector

FinTechs are revolutionizing the financial market and with their new eFinance services are competing with established banks. Services previously offered at traditional bank counters are now being translated into apps and digital applications by fintechs. Bank transfers, lending or financial management can be carried out conveniently via digital channels. One important aspect of this is the end customer's trust in data security – an essential component for business success. Bundesdruckerei advises fintechs on the implementation of the PSD2 directive, handles detailed questions and provides solutions that also ensure confidence among fintech customers. 

Digital security for tomorrow's innovative financial industry

Fintechs are working to shape the future of online banking. Innovation is a top priority here. At the same time, consumers and legislators are constantly making new demands on the security of these new fintech services. Bundesdruckerei is a reliable partner who communicates legal requirements to fast-thinking and fast-acting companies and implements them with tailor-made solutions. 

Finance is all about trust

Certificates are an important tool for Internet security. But not every SSL certificate guarantees the same level of security. Certificates based on the eIDAS regulation offer a particularly high level of protection and legal certainty. Bundesdruckerei relies on particularly trustworthy services and certificates in sensitive areas such as online banking or online lending. You too can create digital trust with your end customers and achieve new success for your company.

Data security and process optimization for security and efficiency

Most fintechs focus on research and developing user-friendly and innovative services. Bundesdruckerei offers legally recognized products and reliable infrastructures for financial service providers, banks and fintechs, thus ensuring the secure handling of data and process optimization. Invest in the business relationship between your customers and your company.

Bundesdruckerei’s products for fintechs

Speed counts a lot in the fintech industry. Services have to be quickly adapted to legal requirements. Bundesdruckerei supports fintech companies, for example, when it comes to compliance with the PSD2 directive, and delivers production certificates in the shortest possible time. But Bundesdruckerei is also a reliable partner for all other eBanking issues, allowing fintechs to focus on their core business. 

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