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A lot of work and know-how goes into making applications that are easy to use. Would you also like to develop digital products that are highly complex yet user friendly? This government company is waiting for you to make this possible.

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Intuitive, user-friendly applications? That’s what our Technology Data Management is all about. Our customers appreciate our bespoke solutions in software development and data visualization. Join us now at Bundesdruckerei’s IT department. A diverse and exciting range of tasks awaits you.

Experiences from our teams

Lars Christochowitz
Lars Christochowitz
system architect

What is your professional background?

After completing my university entrance exams, I studied computer science – just as you’d expect. My focus was on computer graphics – I developed methods and software for visualising scientific data. After graduating, I worked in software development and as a consultant in a number of industries. In the course of this, I continued to educate myself on software and system architecture.

What are your main responsibilities and what exciting projects are you working on at the moment?

As a system architect, I serve as the interface between the product owners and the development team. I specify requirements and develop architecture that fulfils both functional and non-functional criteria. In this process, I have to ensure that the complexity of the domain is manageable in its technical implementation, primarily by means of modularisation and the development of interfaces. I also implement prototypes and undertake code and architecture reviews. And naturally I am also the contact person for my team, other architects and the department. I have been working at Maurer Electronics since 2017, focusing on systems that can be used to capture digital identities. As an example, I was involved in developing a terminal that records the biographical and biometric data of asylum seekers. During the Corona pandemic, I was working on a digital arrival registration system that registered travellers from high-risk areas.

What are you particularly motivated by in your work at Bundesdruckerei?

First and foremost, the strong social relevance of our work. I think this can be clearly seen in the projects that I have already mentioned. We, as Bundesdruckerei and Maurer Electronics GmbH, are a valued contact point for issues concerning digitalisation, especially for the Federal Government. This means that we won't be running out of exciting topics any time soon. As a system architect, I am also able to take a look at many professional and technical areas. But I am still working closely with software development, which excites me. And last but not least, I am always free to think outside the box and organise my own personal development through specialised training, coding events, and cross-company and cross-divisional communities.

The federal portal project makes dealings with public authorities much easier for millions of citizens who will be able to submit applications from home. This highlights the social significance of my work.

Lukas Bialas
Lukas Bialas - IT specialist, designs and develops features for the federal portal

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