eHealth :
Digitalization in the health sector

Digital technologies in the health sector have transformed the requirements for handling patient data. This data must now be made available to all stakeholders quickly and in a decentralized and secure form that complies with data protection requirements.

The telematics infrastructure enables patient data to be electronically processed, securely protected and transmitted while also supporting the necessary treatment processes.  To master these requirements, Bundesdruckerei offers practical eHealth solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and psychotherapists.   

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Sector-specific solutions

Medical and dental practices
Medical and dental practices
Digital applications and solutions in medical and dental practices save time, create greater flexibility and optimize costs. Fast access to patient data and digital communications with patients and colleagues make everyday work easier in the healthcare industry, but must meet with applicable data protection and IT security requirements. Bundesdruckerei offers doctors, dentists and psychotherapists digital solutions in the eHealth sector so that electronic applications can be used in future to improve patient care.
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The ePrescription is the latest digital application that is changing the way pharmacies do business. More and more processes are being digitized, for example, for auditable documentation or automated merchandise management. This offers new opportunities because many of these tasks can be handled faster, more cost-efficiently and with a lower error rate in the future. In order to make sustainable use of these opportunities, the risks of digitalization must be eliminated. Bundesdruckerei supports pharmacies with legally compliant products during the conversion to digitized processes.
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The relationship between patient and therapist is decisive for the success of therapy. In addition to professional expertise, trust is the cornerstone of all psychotherapeutic treatment. This trust calls for the confidential handling of diagnostic and personal data and presents the entire healthcare industry with new challenges in the digitalization of healthcare. The secure storage and administration of data as well as strictly limited and certified access by authorized persons or institutions must be guaranteed.
Bundesdruckerei offers products that comply with the law, including the GDPR, enabling you to live up to your patients’ trust and the requirements of the legislator.
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Solutions and products for eHealth

AusweisIDent Vor-Ort
AusweisIDent On-Site: Secure electronic reading of ID card data
The AusweisIDent On-Site solution enables error-free electronic reading of ID card data.
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AusweisIdent Online
AusweisIDent Online: Digital identification with the ID card
The AusweisIDent Online method uses the electronic ID card, is thoroughly digital and legally compliant.
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Business Services
Business Services: Efficient digital document exchange
Reduce internal administration costs with simple processes for digital document exchange.
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Elektronischer Heilberufsausweis
Electronic Health Professional Card (eHPC)
The eHPC is used by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists, psychotherapists or pharmacists to identify themselves when it comes to sensitive data or services in the digital health network.
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Personal and organization certificates
Employees can use secure personal certificates as digital proof of identity, to sign and encrypt e-mails and to sign or seal documents.
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Secure Hosting
Secure Hosting for data and services
We provide you with high-security server space and power for your data, applications, web services or complex IT services.
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Elektronischer Praxisausweis (SMC-B)
SMC-B card for medical practices/institutions
The SMC-B card is the key to the telematics infrastructure and can be used by all stakeholders in the healthcare industry to identify themselves as a medical institution.
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sign-me: The online signature for digital documents
Sign-me enables paper-based signature processes to be handled in an entirely electronic procedure.
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Signature cards
You can use signature cards to sign digital documents, such as contracts, in a legally binding manner using a single medium.
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SSL Zertifikat
SSL certificates
An SSL certificate assures the user that a real and trusted person or institution is behind an Internet presence.
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