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How we are supporting the digital transformation of pharmacies

The healthcare sector is being held back by analog processes, and so too are pharmacies. That being said, more and more processes are being digitized, for example, for auditable documentation or automated merchandise management. This offers new opportunities because many of these tasks can be handled faster, error-free and more cost-efficiently in the future. Technologies used in the Telematics Infrastructure (TI) will make life easier in the working world. In order to make sustainable use of the opportunities offered by digitalization, the related risks must be eliminated. Bundesdruckerei and its subsidiary D-Trust support pharmacies with legally compliant products during the conversion to digitized processes.

Connect your pharmacy to the Telematics Infrastructure (TI) with SMC-B

Since September 2019, D‑Trust has also been supplying the SMC-B for medical practices/institutions to pharmacies. The SMC-B is the central key and enables a secure connection to the Telematics Infrastructure (TI). This card allows pharmacies to view the customer’s electronic health insurance card as well as the electronic medication plan or emergency data. What’s more, the digital patient data can be transmitted in a secure manner. Pharmacies can obtain the cards from their respective federal-state chambers. 

eHPC for pharmacists

The electronic health professional card (eHPC) offers pharmacists a personal, secure and legally compliant connection to the Telematics Infrastructure. The eHPC allows pharmacists to login personally to the relevant IT systems. Pharmacists can generate a personal, legally binding electronic signature, send and receive confidential data in encrypted form. It also offers write access to important applications, like the electronic medication plan or the electronic prescription. As with the SMC-B, applications for an eHPC must be submitted to the respective federal-state chamber or directly to D‑Trust, depending on the federal state.

Secure IT solutions for pharmacies

Pharmacies are now also faced with the challenge of ensuring secure and confidential handling of electronic patient data. This data is stored, retrieved and sometimes also transmitted. IT security and data protection must always be the top priority when handling this sensitive information. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has drawn up standards for this purpose. As a government-owned company, Bundesdruckerei develops solutions and products for secure identities and secure data ‘Made in Germany’.  Commercial and pharmaceutical documents, such as delivery notes, invoices, orders and production documentation, are securely archived on Bundesdruckerei's servers. This allows you to store relevant data in an auditable manner and protected from unauthorized access.  

Bundesdruckerei’s products for pharmacies

Patient data must be particularly protected in the context of digitalization in the eHealth sector. The aim here is to ensure data protection while at the same time allowing the use and secure exchange of information. The solutions for pharmacies supplied by Bundesdruckerei and D‑Trust serve this very aim. All stakeholders can authenticate and identify themselves securely when using ePrescriptions and other digital services. Are you interested in our solutions or do you have any questions? Our experts are there for you!

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