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Digital support for psychotherapeutic treatment

The relationship between patient and therapist is decisive for the success of therapy. In addition to professional expertise, trust is the cornerstone of all psychotherapeutic treatment. This trust calls for the confidential handling of diagnostic and personal data and presents the entire healthcare industry with new challenges in the digitalization of healthcare. Authorized individuals and organizations must be warranted secure, strictly limited and certified access to the Telematics Infrastructure (TI). Bundesdruckerei and its subsidiary D TRUST offer solutions that comply with the law, including the GDPR, enabling you to live up to your patients’ trust and the requirements of the legislator. 

Are you already connected to the telematics infrastructure? As service providers, psychotherapists are also obliged to connect to the TI.

In addition to the initial consultation, many other factors are relevant for a correct diagnosis in psychotherapy, such as current medication or earlier diagnoses. The Telematics Infrastructure (TI) and the electronic patient file have been set up for the healthcare industry in order to provide this overview of health in a fast and efficient manner. The Telematics Infrastructure links all stakeholders in the healthcare industry – doctors and dentists, hospitals, statutory health insurance companies, psychotherapists and pharmacies – and enables the fast and easy delivery of all medical information relevant to the treatment of patients. With the Act for Secure Digital Communication and Applications in Healthcare (eHealth Act), the legislator decided to introduce a secure digital infrastructure for the healthcare system. All service providers are obliged to connect to the telematics infrastructure. This requires a connector and a card terminal, which can be used together with the SMC-B card for medical practices and the electronic health professional card (eHPC) to enable a legally binding signature and authentication of your practice or of the therapist within the telematics infrastructure. D‑Trust is a qualified trust service provider and approved producer of the SMC-B card for medical practices and the electronic health professional card (eHBA).

Digital confidentiality: How to secure and encrypt your health data in line with the GDPR

As a practicing psychotherapist, you are aware of the importance of data protection. To ensure that your patient data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons at any time, it must be encrypted with a high level of security. Another equally relevant aspect is certified access authorization for individuals that allows them to manage the data of your medical practice in line with the GDPR. With the digitalization of the healthcare industry, online storage and high-security cloud systems are becoming increasingly relevant for psychotherapists because these services encrypt data directly on your computer while storage in the cloud protects the data against loss and unauthorized access. Unlike physical storage on your premises, you can now minimize the risk of your data being lost or stolen. Bundesdruckerei and its subsidiary D‑Trust offer psychotherapists the following eHealth products that enable efficient and secure infrastructure, access control and data storage in their practice.

How to focus on your therapy session. Design efficient processes and administration in your practice.

Due to considerable disparities that exist in the density of healthcare services and the resulting maximum utilization of psychotherapy practices, administrative workflows in the exchange between therapists, patients and statutory health insurance companies simply have to be efficient. You can reduce your own time and effort with simple digital services, such as e-invoices or digital signatures. This eliminates the use of analog documents without compromising on legal validity. With products from Bundesdruckerei and D‑Trust, therapists can achieve legally compliant, effective and digital administration.

Products for your psychotherapeutic practice from the Bundesdruckerei Group

Ongoing digitalization of the healthcare sector has transformed the requirements for handling sensitive patient data. This data must now be made available to all stakeholders quickly and in a decentralized and secure form that complies with data protection requirements. Bundesdruckerei and D‑Trust offer practical and legally compliant solutions for psychotherapeutic practices, enabling all stakeholders to securely authenticate and identify themselves when using digital services. Are you interested in our solutions for your practice or do you have any questions about our offer? Our experts are there for you!

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