Security printing :
Forge-proof printed products

It is not just ID cards and passports that have to meet the highest standards and requirements for security and processing, banknotes, stamps, certificates and tax stamps must also be as forgery-proof and durable as possible.  Back in 1763, the Privy Court Printing House was awarded the privilege of printing high quality publications on behalf of the state.

Today, Bundesdruckerei is a proven and certified partner for security printing, delivering products that are in demand the world over.

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Security products and security features

When it comes to security printing, in addition to security printed products, we also produce forgery-proof documents, certificates and forms.

Sicherheitsdruck Maschine

Security features

We use different security features to protect identity documents, such as the German driving licence or ID card, as well as security products against manipulation. These features can be traditional, tried-and-tested security features, such as guilloches, but also more frequently high-tech solutions, such as optically variable and machine-readable elements.

Security feature systems

Security features are integrated at different levels and layers into products such as ID cards. In this way, they can supplement each other and boost security even further.
Since 2010, Bundesdruckerei has been producing the German ID card as a plastic card with an integrated security chip containing the holder's personal data and a biometric passport photograph. This enables holders to identify themselves online and electronically.

Security printing

It is not only ID documents that have to be very secure, other security printed products, such as banknotes, postage stamps or tax stamps, must also meet a very high level of security.

Wertdruck Maschine

Tradition meets innovation

In the mid-19th century, paper money became more important and this led to investments in improved materials and security techniques. Since 2013, new euro banknotes with enhanced security features, including the tactile relief, security thread and hologram, have been in circulation in Germany. The 5-euro note was the first banknote to be produced as part of the so-called Euro II series. With its many years of expertise, Bundesdruckerei supported the production of the new notes in the euro system.

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