Security printing :
Forge-proof printed products

It is not just people and their identities that are unique, some products are unique too and must be protected – against theft, forgery and manipulation. This applies not just to ID documents, but especially to banknotes, postage stamps and revenue stamps. 


Bundesdruckerei and its predecessor organizations have been producing security printed products like these for more than 250 years on behalf of the state.

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Thanks to its experience, unique wealth of knowledge and innovative strength, the company is recognized worldwide and is a trusted partner for governments, global central banks and private companies when it comes to producing banknotes, postage stamps and other security printed products. As part of the Bundesdruckerei Group, Bundesdruckerei GmbH is owned by the Federal Government and, within the framework of the parent company, acts as a security service provider for the Federal Republic of Germany.

Binding, secure and trusted

Security printed products must be forgery-proof and as durable as possible. Bundesdruckerei also attaches great importance to offering high quality and trust, attractive designs, commitment to delivery dates and all the necessary accreditations or certifications. All of the company’s solutions and products are ‘Made in Germany’.

Headergrafik Banknote


Security is in our DNA – that's why we produce banknotes with security features at all three levels. Our innovative strength is recognized throughout the world and it is what drives us forward, allowing us to work today on solutions for tomorrow.

Headergrafik Postwertzeichen

Postage stamps

Strict quality management, secure products, extensive know-how in printing and fulfilment processes are what form the basis of our innovative postage stamps.

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