Digital administration for statutory health insurance companies

IT security is a necessary prerequisite for digital administration in the healthcare sector and essential when it comes to winning the trust of those insured. The telematics infrastructure (TI) is the cornerstone for connecting public or private health insurance companies with all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Electronic access to data and digital communications facilitate the day-to-day work of medical specialists, statutory health insurance companies and pharmacies. However, this calls for compliance with mandatory data protection and IT security requirements while the identities of those insured must be confirmed without a trace of doubt. Bundesdruckerei and its subsidiary D TRUST offer health insurance companies legally recognized solutions that accelerate today’s processes, making them more efficient.

IT security in communications with insured persons and service providers in the healthcare sector

In order to generate maximum added value for insured citizens, they should be systematically integrated into digital processes. This makes communications simpler and more efficient, but it also requires sensitive handling of the data of insured citizens. Compliance with comprehensive data protection guidelines (GDPR) and other legal requirements is essential for optimum protection of this data. The necessary security precautions include a clear distribution of roles and access rights among employees as well as the best-possible encryption and storage of employee data. The use of digital eHealth solutions from Bundesdruckerei and secure hosting will enable you to introduce digital processes at your health insurance company in line with legal requirements.

Signature cards
With our qualified signature cards, you can sign digital documents, contracts and your correspondence in a legally binding manner and without switching to a different medium.
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Electronic seals: The digital stamp for companies and public authorities
Our seal solutions can secure the integrity and origin of your digital documents in a legally effective manner.
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D-TRUST SSL Zeritifikate
SSL/TLS certificates for trusted websites
An SSL/TLS certificate assures the user that a real and trusted person or institution is behind an Internet presence.
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D-TRUST Personenzertifikate
Personal and organization certificates
Employees can use secure personal certificates as digital proof of identity, to sign and encrypt e-mails as well as to sign or seal documents.
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Frau scannt Papiere ein
Our solution for replacement scanning according to the TR RESISCAN technical guideline offers legally compliant digitization of documents, enabling secure digital file management and processes without any change in media.
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Cloud Computing mit Bdrive
Bdrive: Cloud storage ‘Made in Germany’
Share, store and synchronize your data in the cloud – securely and in compliance with the GDPR. Discover the secure cloud storage solution ‘Made in Germany’.
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D-TRUST AusweisIdent-VorOrt
AusweisIDent OnSite: Read out ID card data rather than typing it from the card
Focus on your customers rather than their ID cards – AusweisIDent OnSite reads the ID card data electronically.
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D-TRUST AusweisIdent-Online
AusweisIDent Online: Secure identification on the Internet with your ID card
ID card, PIN and smartphone: AusweisIDent Online identifies your customers online with their ID cards and can be quickly integrated into your system.
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Magazin-Leben retten mit Gesundheitsdaten
Data trustee: An independent trust authority
Our CenTrust data trustee platform is your key to trust among data providers and data users. This allows you to ensure that data is pseudonymized and exchanged in a legally compliant manner.
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Headergrafik Datenanalyse
Artificial intelligence and Data analytics
By making use of data analytics and AI, public administrations, industry and healthcare can respond to digital challenges and open up new options. We offer data analytics and AI, ranging from comprehensive consulting to complete solutions for your digitalization projects.
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Digital signatures with sign-me eHealth

Data protection, IT security and mountains of paper are a never-ending topic of discussion in the administration, not to mention the topic of the TI. With sign-me eHealth, you can already benefit from the remotely triggered qualified signature today. The eIDAS-compliant signature platform hosted by D‑TRUST enables legally binding electronic signatures for all online transactions – without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Headergrafik sign-me eHealth
sign-me eHealth – the digital signature in the healthcare sector
sign-me eHealth enables online signing of electronic documents in the healthcare sector throughout the EU in a legally compliant manner and in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.
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Products from the Bundesdruckerei Group for digital administration in the healthcare system

When digital services are used to optimize workflows in the exchange between statutory health insurance companies, doctors, insured citizens and healthcare institutions, efficient and secure solutions are needed that meet with data protection requirements. Bundesdruckerei and D‑TRUST offer practical and user-friendly products for this purpose. Our experts will be happy to work with you to develop custom-fit systems that harmonize your specific needs and legal requirements.