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High-Security Data Diode Supports UPC-UA Encryption and Authentication

  • IT security provider genua meets high industry demand for OPC-UA-native encryption with cyber-diode 2.5

  • Additional optimizations reduce the data load and, thus, the total-cost of ownership

Nuremberg, Germany, October 12, 2023, it-sa – In cases where information from sensitive production networks or critical infrastructures is needed for further processing, data diodes like cyber-diode from IT security company genua GmbH are, for security aspects, the first choice. This enables a non-reactive extraction of machine and plant data in non-secure networks, such as in the cloud for data analysis. In the most recent version, 2.5, cyber-diode now also supports the encryption and authentication in accordance with the OPC UA interoperability standard. genua thereby satisfies the high demand in industry for OPC UA-native encryption.

Highly Secure Vertical and Horizontal Data Extraction

OPC UA enables the platform-independent communication and standardized exchange of machine data, both horizontally (i.e., networking of control systems, individual machines, plants or production units) as well as vertically (from the machine sensor to the cloud). Through the use of cyber-diode, for example, between OPC UA servers of machines and targets such as databases, visualization clients or cloud services, data can be encrypted for further processing and extracted in a highly secure manner – e.g., for condition monitoring. The data diode thereby permits only one-way data transfer. It completely blocks the flow of information in the opposite direction. The transport of malicious code or other cyber risks are thereby rendered impossible.

Reading Out Partial Quantities Reduces TCO

Moreover, the new version of cyber-diode allows information to be extracted from a sub-quantity of UPC UA nodes. For example, in cases where machinery transmits comprehensive data, the data load is reduced and the transmission speed of the remaining data is increased, since the diode only allows data that is relevant to the target system to pass through. Depending on the license model for plant components and source server, this can also reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). For some source servers available on the market, the license costs depend on the quantity of extracted data.

Secure by Design

cyber-diode is the only industrial software data diode that can serve as the basis for a product approved for the protection of classified data. Its unique hardware separation on a microkernel level guarantees the integrity protection of highly secure industrial networks. A low level of complexity of the operating system (Security by Design) ensures the functionality, protects against tampering and lowers the risk of machine failure.

Further information

    • Product page for the Data Diode cyber-diode

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cyber-diode example application: The image shows cyber-diode (left) from the security specialist genua, which securely transmits the data from a security control system (HIMatrix) to a cloud application by way of OPC UA for the purpose of calculating test cycles for devices and control systems.


Image: genua GmbH

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About genua

genua GmbH secures sensitive IT networks in the public and enterprise sectors, for critical infrastructure organizations and in industries with an obligation to maintain secrecy with highly secure and scalable cyber security solutions. In doing so, the company focuses on the comprehensive protection of networks, communication and internal network security for IT and OT. The range of solutions spans from firewalls and gateways, VPNs, remote maintenance systems, internal network security and cloud security to remote access solutions for mobile employees and home offices. 

genua GmbH is a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group. With more than 400 employees, it develops and produces IT security solutions exclusively in Germany. Since the founding of the company in 1992, regular certifications and approvals from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) provide proof of the high security and quality standards of the products. Customers include, among others, Arvato Systems, BMW, the German Armed Services, THW as well as the Würth Group.