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Legally secure with IT solutions

Customers increasingly expect smart payment systems in bricks-and-mortar retail, the German Cash Register Security Ordinance (KassenSichV, Kassensicherungsverordnung) demands complete transaction data while the sourcing of goods and the compilation of product ranges also have to be managed online. In bricks-and-mortar retail and in the restaurant trade, secure IT solutions are now required in order to be able to offer customers digital and legally compliant services. The solutions offered by the Bundesdruckerei Group can help you to implement your digitalization projects.

Secure digitalization for bricks-and-mortar retail

The companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group deliver one-stop IT security solutions ‘Made in Germany’: SSL certificates for your trusted web presence, secure payment systems on the web or on site via smartphone, tamper protection for cash register systems, encryption for online communications or secure network protection. Our experts will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice tailored to your specific needs.

Solutions for retail and wholesale

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