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Innovative projects

As Bundesdruckerei's development company for ID systems and system components, Maurer Electronics in Hanover develops complex software and hardware solutions in the field of verification. You too can join the Hanover team as a software and hardware developer where diverse and exciting projects await you.

Tobias Buchloh
Tobias Buchloh
Software Architect

What projects/tasks are you and your colleagues currently working on in Hanover?

We develop software and hardware solutions at our Hanover site, mainly for verification. My work, for instance, focuses on devices for citizens' registration offices that are used to read and edit document data. Other teams are working on systems that enable secure border controls. All the eGates installed at airports in Germany, for instance, are operated by a background system that we developed here in Hanover. All of our products are primarily designed to protect the identity of each and every citizen.

What challenges do you face in your work?

Our devices and systems must be trusted and it must be possible to smoothly integrate them into a distributed system landscape. Since we operate in a high-security environment, we must constantly ensure that our products remain state-of-the-art.

Can you tell us what makes your work special?

As I already mentioned, we at Maurer operate in a very special environment where the topic of ‘secure documents’ meets IT-specific security principles. This unique combination is always exciting.

Why did you choose Maurer Electronics?

I was particularly interested in working on devices where data security is an essential aspect. At the beginning of my work, this environment was of course challenging, but the support from my colleagues and line managers has been outstanding.

We develop innovative products that meet the highest security criteria. One important way in which we achieve this is through constant exchange with our colleagues. In my function as team leader, I help to motivate my colleagues and offer them the best possible working conditions.

Ansgar Lohoff
Ansgar Lohoff – Team Leader

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Maurer Hannover Projekte
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Innovative projects

At the Hannover location, Maurer Electronics works on innovative projects in the fields of secure identities and secure digital data.

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