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Close ties with Bundesdruckerei, agile working methods and collegial cooperation on a level playing field – that’s what Maurer Electronics in Hanover is all about. Do innovative products and new concepts excite you too? Do you want to drive new developments and shape the future? Then let’s meet.

Marcel Thater
Marcel Thater
Hardware Developer

How does collaboration at Maurer work?

The exchange among colleagues is very effective. Our work requires that we coordinate our activities with each other – which would be impossible without regularly exchanging information in an open manner. We are all on a first name basis and we do not hesitate to express our opinions and concerns in order to find the best solution together.

Why did you choose Maurer?

I began working here as a trainee. When Bundesdruckerei expressed its interest in setting up a new site in Hanover to develop hardware here, that appealed to me. I had never had anything to do with sovereign documents before that and this was and still is a very exciting opportunity for me.

What do you particularly enjoy doing at Maurer?

We really have a strong team spirit here. The same goes for the working atmosphere and contact with each other. This is certainly also due to the fact that we have known each other for many years. We meet privately, also with colleagues from other teams, mostly for our football round on Wednesday.

How do you work together with your colleagues?

We try to keep work as agile as possible, involving colleagues in such a way that they perform well in their special field and share their knowledge with the team. These innovative forms of collaboration help us to make our products as secure as possible.

The culture at our location is both very pleasant and open-minded, you get to work in a great team with good colleagues and the work is really fun every day. This is certainly also due to the fact that we are only about 100 employees and therefore know each other very well. When I began working here I was also assigned a partner who made my start much easier.

Kristin Schrader
Kristin Schrader – Project Manager

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Maurer Hannover Zusammenarbeit
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Interactive collaboration

Thanks to agile methods of cooperation and flat hierarchies, colleagues always meet at eye level.
Maurer Hannover Projekte
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Innovative projects

At the Hamburg location, Maurer Electronics works on innovative projects in the fields of secure identities and secure digital data.
Family atmosphere
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Family atmosphere

There is a strong family atmosphere among the approximately 100 colleagues

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