Foto von Rebecca Maier, IT-Administratorin bei der Bundesdruckerei GmbH

IT Administrator Jobs at the Bundesdruckerei Group

As an Application Manager, Rebecca works with her colleagues to ensure smooth operation and security within the Bundesdruckerei Group. Her tasks also include the planning, installation and configuration of our IT systems.

IT security for Bundesdruckerei and the digital future

With their comprehensive understanding of complex technologies, our IT administrators operate various applications, implement IT infrastructures for risk minimisation and monitor our networks and servers.

We are looking for technology enthusiasts who are eager to work with us on new IT security solutions to prepare Germany for the digital world of tomorrow with confidence and security.

A Wide Range of Benefits

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Attractive Salary and More

Our appreciation for our employees goes far beyond offering them an attractive salary. We offer our employees benefits that go beyond mere money, such as a company pension scheme and our time value account, in which our employees can, for example, convert overtime and portions of their salary into paid leave.

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Flexible Working (Time) Model

Striking the right balance between work and private life is essential for mental well-being and long-term job satisfaction. That’s why we offer our employees various working time models which allow them to pursue private projects and hobbies, care for relatives or spend time with the family.

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Hybrid Working

In our modern offices, our employees work with state-of-the-art equipment.  We also know that hybrid working creates flexibility, and flexibility creates productivity. Depending on their tasks and personal arrangements, our employees can perform their job at whatever place works best for them.

High Security in all Projects

Whether in administration, healthcare, or business, IT security and protection of sensitive data are in our DNA. This means that our IT administrators have a particularly high level of responsibility, as they keep our IT systems running. They manage applications, keep a constant eye on our servers and networks, and ensure that pioneering projects such as the federal portal – Germany’s central eGovernment platform – can be implemented to the very highest standards.

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Foto von Rebecca Maier, IT-Administratorin bei der Bundesdruckerei GmbH, die im Büro in einer Meetingzelle sitzt und eine Videokonferenz mit Kollegen und Kolleginnen führt
Rebecca Maier
IT-Administratorin bei der Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Before taking on her job at the Bundesdruckerei Group, Rebecca worked at a start-up. In the video, she explains why she now has even more creative freedom and which benefits make her everyday life easier.

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Not just something with apps, but applications with added value

IT Administrator: an Eye for the Big Picture

The Bundesdruckerei Group’s IT administrator teams are agile, autonomous and highly specialised. Our employees in Base Services are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of our IT infrastructures – from network to storage. IT administrators in Application Services perform their jobs at the interface to specialist departments working with standard and self-developed software. Meanwhile, the admins of Certification Services operate our PKI and secure access to it. Anyone who feels at home in the world of Atlassian, MySQL, Open Shift, .NET and the like will find first-rate working conditions at the Bundesdruckerei Group.

Foto von Rebecca Maier, IT-Administratorin bei der Bundesdruckerei, die in einer Besprechungskabine im Büro sitzt und an einer Videokonferenz teilnimmt
Foto von Rebecca Maier, IT-Administratorin bei der Bundesdruckerei GmbH, läuft auf der Straße zu den sogenannten "Muratti Höfen", in denen die Bundesdruckerei Büros hat.

Innovation for Greater Trust

In the more than 250 years of its existence, the Bundesdruckerei Group has been developing continuously in its role as a society-oriented and innovation-driven company. And since change is a constant for us, we are well positioned to advance Germany’s digital transformation. Our solutions engender trust to allow companies and public authorities to act independently in the digitisation process – along with every citizen. No matter whether in development, production, or IT support, anyone working for the Bundesdruckerei Group will be making their own contribution to the digital future of our country. In return, we offer an innovative working environment that will weather any crisis and bring to bear the strengths of each individual.

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Our Work Culture

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Do you want to help manage our infrastructure as an IT administrator? Are you always open to questions? Then you will be in good hands with the Bundesdruckerei Group. Here you will empower the people guiding Germany through the digital transformation. See our job advertisements for all the details about the different areas of responsibility. Join the team now! 

Foto von Rebecca Maier, IT-Administratorin der Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Our focus is not just on providing our teams with IT support, but also on Germany’s future.

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