Portraitfoto von Danilo Braband, Senior DevOps Engineer bei der Bundesdruckerei GmbH

DevOps jobs at the Bundesdruckerei Group

As DevOps engineers, Danilo and his colleagues keep the Bundesdruckerei Group’s software system running. Danilo assists software developers and oversees their development environments.

Work as a DevOps in Our IT Team

We are looking for additional DevOps engineers who are eager to advance the digital transformation in cross-functional, agile teams. We offer an open and appreciative working environment in which the individual skills of our employees and the strength of the team ideally complement each other at all times.

A Wide Range of Benefits

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Attractive Remuneration – and More

It goes without saying that providing attractive remuneration is very important to us. But we want to offer even more, such as a company pension scheme and a time value account in which our employees can, for example, collect overtime or part of their salary and convert it into paid leave.

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Flexible Working Hours and Models

Through different working time models, we provide the conditions that allow our employees to strike a balance between their professional and private lives.

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Hybrid Working for More Freedom

Whether in our state-of-the-art offices or elsewhere: our employees get the opportunity to work remotely. To remain innovative, agile and successful, we offer the flexibility of a hybrid working model. At the Bundesdruckerei Group, the workplace can be located wherever works best for our employees, depending on their tasks and personal arrangements.

Forward-Looking Projects that Advance our Society

Are you interested in playing an active role in developing solutions to make Germany’s public administration and economy fit for the future? We analyse the needs and challenges of a networked society and use this as a basis to develop innovative and secure digital solutions. As a DevOps engineer, your tasks will include working with your colleagues on our internal development and operating platforms for customers, partners and internal developers, and providing services in support of programming. Another project our DevOps engineers are working on is the federal government’s central platform for AI-supported data analysis: PLAIN.  

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Danilo Braband DevOps
Danilo Braband
Senior DevOps Engineer at the Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Danilo likens his job to that of a car mechanic who keeps a vehicle roadworthy. As a DevOps engineer, Danilo is responsible for ensuring that the Bundesdruckerei Group’s software systems and development environments operate without interruption. Find out more in the video.

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Not just working anywhere, but helping to shape Germany's digital future

DevOps Engineer: Making Everything Run Smoothly

As a DevOps engineer, you will be responsible for infrastructures in private and public cloud environments (IaaS). Your tasks will include setting up, analysing, scaling and monitoring them. Our DevOps engineers also autonomously develop managed services used in software solutions. In addition to this, you will monitor automation potential and act as a technical consultant for our product owners and software engineering teams. And this is just a small part of this exciting job profile in our IT world…

Foto von Danilo Braband DevOps
Foto von Danilo Braband DevOps

What Makes us Special

We are dedicated to a wide array of fascinating issues of great social importance – and have been for over 250 years. Our work involves enormous responsibility. That is why one of our most important goals is to engender trust, both in the analogue and the digital world. Our employees are characterised by their experience and expertise. They are passionate about advancing Germany’s digital transformation through technological progress. Our innovative working environment leaves plenty of leeway for your own ideas. In short, a job at the Bundesdruckerei Group combines job security with meaningful, socially relevant work.

Foto des Haupteingangs der Bundesdruckerei-Gruppe

What’s Special about our Work Culture

Learn about our DevOps Jobs at the Bundesdruckerei Group

Are you interested in joining our platform and developer experience teams as a DevOps engineer? Do you have sound knowledge of state-of-the-art software development and efficient system operation? Are you familiar with Red Hat OpenShift, Docker, HashiCorp Vault, etc.? Then the Bundesdruckerei Group is the right place for you. We are offering you a future-oriented job as an opportunity to pave the way for solutions that will accompany the digital transformation in companies and public authorities. Shape Germany’s digital future with us!

Take a look at our job advertisements. You might just find your dream job.

Abbildung von Danilo Braband, Senior DevOps Engineer bei der Bundesdruckerei GmbH

We are striving for the IT solutions of tomorrow.

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