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This section will provide you with information on the latest topics, such as digitisation, IT security and cybercrime. You will also find practical tips from our experts along with the scheduled dates for our events.

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Headergrafik Der digitale Euro

The digital euro – what makes it so special?

What exactly is the digital euro? Which types of money exist and how do they differ? We have the facts.

Headergrafik Cybersicherheits-Institutionen

In the name of cybersecurity

More than a dozen institutions deal with German cybersecurity for or with the support of the German government. Who are they and what do they do? An overview.

Magazinartikel Headergrafik Digitale Zertifikate

How digital certificates make the network more secure

The more often people access data when working from home and when out and about, the more important digital certificates become. That’s because they ensure that everyone can move about securely on the net. They prove the identities of websites, individuals and machines and they encrypt our communications.

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Headergrafik Banknote

Secure banknotes are a matter of design

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Header Vertrauendiensteanbieter

Business is global, trust is local

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SSL-Zertifikate: drei Gründe, warum die grünen Vorhängeschlösser bleiben müssen

SSL certificates: Three reasons why green padlocks have to stay

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