Experts from many different scientific disciplines work together at Bundesdruckerei's innovation department, exploring new topics related to our digital society.

Identifying future customer needs

The innovators are experts when it comes to Industry 4.0, identity management and material use. They develop new, easy-to-use technologies for secure identities. They analyse macro and market trends in order to identify in advance and generate momentum for future customer needs. This work involves tracking the latest developments in nanotechnology, bioscience and neuroscience as well as radically questioning the very existence of current technologies.

Momentum thanks to joint research

Together with other scientists, we are conducting research into materials and technologies in our determination to develop user-friendly and secure applications for our digital future.

Innovation work by Bundesdruckerei



Using smartphones for digital services to securely store application-specific data is what the OPTIMOS project was all about.

Identitäts- und Rechtemanagement

Innovative identity and rights management

Greater transparency, security and responsibility for company staff – that’s what Bundesdruckerei's identity and rights management is aiming to achieve.

Smart Production

Smart production

The fine adjustment of the machines is not the only important factor for an efficient production process. Our Smart Factory approach takes the entire production process into consideration.