Reliable document verification

In light of today’s digital networks and the vast range of data available, it is important how data is protected, verified and handled during processing. This is something that concerns not just public authorities, private businesses too need to be able to quickly check whether ID documents are authentic. Bundesdruckerei has a solution that meets all of these needs.

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Bundesdruckerei under new leadership

Dr. Stefan Hofschen new CEO


Electronic invoices: an important step towards the Digital Town Hall

Since 1 July 2017, all ID-card authorities receive electronic invoices from Bundesdruckerei.


Change in Bundesdruckerei's executive management

Dr. Stefan Hofschen to succeed Ulrich Hamann as CEO in February 2018

Solutions & Products

Our Holistic Solution

It takes far more than just smart technologies and solution modules to digitise a company. Instead, a holistic approach is needed that includes all areas of a company.

Secure production

In a global world, efficient production is just as important as secure products. Digital processes can mean significant improvements for both production and products. That being said, digital processes also call for safeguards at the highest level, for instance, for remote maintenance, as well as transparency, for example, in the form of traceable supply chains.

Smartcards & Tokens

In the digitised world of business, it is no longer sufficient to simply perform checks at doors and gates. Access to data, systems and networks, as well as internal and external communications must also be protected. Smartcards, reliable carriers of secure identities, have a key role to play in this scenario.

Reliable document verification

Documents often have to be checked to ensure that they are genuine – not just at borders. In order to avoid misuse, staff at registration offices and private companies have to be able to check both quickly and reliably whether the documents presented are genuine or not.

Compliance management

As a high-security company with government tasks, we not only know about security standards, we are also experts when it comes to compliance with legal regulations in national and international business transactions. Find out more about our compliance management services.

Solutions & Products

Bundesdruckerei is synonymous for secure identities for both private business and governments. Find out here about our solutions and products for secure digitisation, compliance and consulting.

Topics & Trends

Rolle Sicherer Identitäten

The role of secure identities in the digital transformation

Find out why it's worthwhile investing in secure identities, especially when it comes to the digital transformation of companies.


Digitisation in a secure, efficient and legally compliant manner

Two thirds of companies have admitted to be overwhelmed by statutory rules and regulations for IT security and data protection. Read about these rules and regulations as well as other findings from Bundesdruckerei's study.

Digital Arbeiten

Digital work: flexible, online, available

Smart phones are the drivers of digitisation – companies must adapt their IT security to this.

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Your products

Would you like to order one of our products? Then you have come to the right place. Public authorities who already worked with us can still contact us through our public agency support.

Our roots & CRLs

Here you can download root certificates (roots) and install them in your applications. You can also find the root certificates which D-TRUST issues on behalf of gematik.