Security solutions ‘Made in Germany’

The companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group uses its services and technologies to protect digital identities, sensitive data and infrastructures. This creates trust in the analog and the digital world.
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Headergrafik Wandel der E-Partizipation
IT security

Mobile working in public administration

A a special challenge for IT security.
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The transformation of eParticipation

Digital participation could redefine interaction between state and society at all political levels. Which countries are currently best at eParticipation?
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Cryptocurrencies and their future potential

In this interview, researcher Dr. Ingo Fiedler from Universität Hamburg talks about cryptocurrency, its importance for society and its future potential.
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Solutions & Products

Secure identities and secure data are the core areas of expertise of the Bundesdruckerei Group. Building on this, the group companies have developed products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to their users’ needs. 


Data security is essential in the health sector. Security solutions from Bundesdruckerei Group create trust.


Almost all banking transactions are handled online. Security is a top priority here. Bundesdruckerei warrants this security.


Bundesdruckerei's user-friendly solutions are the key to secure, efficient and digital administration on all levels of government.

Solutions for governments

From printing to digitalization: Bundesdruckerei not only produces ID documents, it also offers solutions for data capture and document verification.

Security printing

For centuries, Bundesdruckerei has always been one step ahead when it comes to security printing – thanks to innovation ‘Made in Germany’.

All products

Bundesdruckerei ensures secure identities in critical areas. Find out more about our diverse portfolio of solutions.

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Latest news

Stay up to date with the latest news on secure identities, data and infrastructures.

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Focused on security
The Bundesdruckerei Group
For more than 250 years, the Bundesdruckerei Group has been the driving force behind innovations in the field of secure identities. Proof enough that the Group not only has an exciting history, but that the companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group are attractive employers for all who want to play an active role in shaping the future.
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