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Bundesdruckerei is synonymous for secure identities for both private business and governments. Find out about our solutions and products for secure digitalization ‘Made in Germany’.
Elektronischer Heilberufsausweis
Electronic Health Professional Card (eHPC)
With the health professional card, doctors, dentists, psychotherapists or pharmacists can identify themselves in the specially protected Telematics Infrastructure.
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Electronic seals: The digital stamp for companies and public authorities
Our seal solutions can secure the integrity and origin of your digital documents in a legally effective manner.
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D-TRUST Fiskalisierung
Fiscalization for cash register systems
Since January 2020, all cash registers in Germany must be equipped with a so-called technical security device (TSE) which is designed to prevent sales suppression and tax avoidance.
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D-TRUST Maschinenzertifikate
Machine certificates for secure machine communication
Machine certificates provide each machine with an identity which the machine can use to identify itself to other connected devices, persons and systems.
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Passsysteme Identitäten  verwalten
Passport and ID card systems: Processing identities
We produce our documents on high-tech systems that use state-of-the-art technology. These documents meet the highest standards in terms of protection against forgery.
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D-TRUST Personenzertifikate
Personal and organization certificates
Employees can use secure personal certificates as digital proof of identity, to sign and encrypt e-mails as well as to sign or seal documents.
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PSD2: Authentication at the interface with the bank
Are you using the new interface with European banks? If so, our PSD2 certificates provide fast and secure proof of your authorization.
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RESISCAN Service der Bundesdruckerei
Our solution for replacement scanning according to the TR RESISCAN technical guideline offers legally compliant digitization of documents, enabling secure digital file management and processes without any change in media.
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Headergrafik Secure Workflow as a Service
Secure Workflow as a Service (SWaaS)
SWaaS is a web-based service that local authorities can use to digitalize administrative services efficiently, securely and easily.
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