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Germany’s government promotes the regional expansion of eGovernment. What is the current situation regarding the digitalization of administration services in the individual federal states?

City states are ahead

Berlin is leading the way. At least as far as progress with the digitalization of the administration is concerned. 68 percent of services have already been digitalized. Berlin is followed by two more city states:

Hamburg has already digitized 65 percent of its services and Bremen is in third place with 46 percent. Rhineland-Palatinate is last on the list with 22 percent, directly behind Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 26 percent and 27 percent, respectively.

According to surveys, 85 percent of German citizens1 would like to use official services online. But the current online procedures at public administrations are too complicated for many citizens who want simplification. At the top of the digital wish list of German citizens is an improved online process for applying for ID documents. The current process is too time-consuming for the majority of the population. 37 percent of citizens are interested in simplifying income tax returns as a priority. 32 percent would like to see better solutions when looking for work.

Some federal states have initiated their own programmes in the field of digitalization. Two examples:


‘Digital First’ – With this programme, the Hanseatic City wants the most important administrative procedures to go online before the end of the year. With the ‘Digital First’ programme, the Senate intends to use the opportunities offered by digitalization in order to offer more user-orientated, digital administration services.


In the ‘Saar Future Network’, almost half of the federal state’s 52 municipalities have been securing their online network since 2016. In this way, they are bundling their activities in data protection, IT security and the outsourcing of previously local servers to high-security data centres. All of the participating municipalities now have a complete, up-to-date list of procedures.

1Sopra Steria, 2018.


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