Border control with eGates

Since the terror attacks of 2001, nations around the world have introduced comprehensive border controls in response to the growing international need for security. The number of passengers is also steadily increasing. More travelers at border control desks and more thorough checking of passports automatically mean longer queues, dissatisfied passengers and stressed border control officers.


The solution: automatic border control systems with integrated liveness detection to counter forgeries, so-called eGates. In 2014, Bundesdruckerei and its partner secunet Security Networks AG began equipping Germany's busiest airports with innovative eGates. These systems have now been installed at the airports in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin-Tegel, Berlin-Schönefeld and Cologne/Bonn. At present, the EU only permits these gates to be used by adult passengers with an electronic passport from the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland.

With our eGates, passenger flows can be handled faster and securely. The electronic passport (ePassport) is placed on the document verifier integrated into the eGate. A background system then checks the authenticity and validity of the document. The traveler then enters the first gate (mantrap) and the biometric check takes place.

The live image is compared with the biometric data of the passport photograph. If the images match, the second gate opens and the traveler can pass through. This entire procedure takes less than 18 seconds. If the images do not match, a border control officer will take the traveler for further clarification.

eGates are very secure and easy to handle, they save time and relieve border control officers of routine tasks.

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