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Secure digital signatures in the healthcare sector
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The digital signature for the healthcare sector

sign-me eHealth enables all those employed in the healthcare sector to sign documents online outside the telematics infrastructure – irrespective of whether or not they have an electronic health professional card (eHPC). Be it in a practice or in other medical facilities, such as hospitals, rehab clinics or nursing homes, with sign-me eHealth electronic documents can now be signed online throughout the EU in a manner that is both legally recognized and complies with the eIDAS regulation. The solution is based on the remote signature solution sign-me, which has been tried and tested on the market for many years, and is supplied by qualified trusted service provider D‑TRUST and certified by TÜViT (see Certificate for further information). Your data remains at all times on the highly secure servers in the D‑Trust GmbH security area, to which only authorized administrators have access. With sign-me eHealth, you can attach qualified electronic signatures to digital documents in the healthcare sector, such as health insurance accounts, prescriptions, discharge letters and other documents outside the telematics infrastructure. This allows you to optimize your processes while a subscription model helps you to keep costs at bay.

Your advantages at a glance

Legally secure – eIDAS-compliant and legally secure digital signatures with two-factor authentication

Predictable – Transparent cost calculation thanks to a subscription price model

Economical – Once-off license enables flexible use with several partners

Strategic – Institution-wide use possible and makes sense

Straightforward – Can be applied for in a few steps via the identification used to order your electronic health professional card (eHPC)

Product details

Secure digital signature – both mobile and hardware independent 

In Germany, more than 400 million public health prescriptions are signed every year, and most of these are still handwritten. The situation is similar in other sectors – wherever you look, countless documents have to be signed. The ongoing digitalization of the healthcare system often comes to a halt at the signature as digitally created documents continue to be printed out and signed by hand. But that doesn't have to be that case. The eIDAS regulation provides the legal framework for remotely triggered qualified signatures for electronic documents in the healthcare sector. What's more, some legislative proposals, such as the Hospital Future Act, are pushing for extensive digitalization, in this case of hospital processes.

Service providers in the healthcare sector usually have an electronic health professional card (eHPC) which can also be used to sign documents with a qualified electronic signature but is bound to a card terminal or reader. With sign-me eHealth, all employees in the healthcare sector can digitally sign documents in a qualified manner, regardless of the hardware used, i.e. without a card or card reader, via a web interface on their desktop PC or with a mobile device. 

sign-me eHealth

Easy and simple

When applying for their eHPC, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and psychotherapists can consent to the required identification also being used to create a sign-me eHealth account. The already verified identity is then used when the account is created.

Once the sign-me eHealth account has been set up, you can digitally sign on any mobile device at any time – currently only outside the telematics infrastructure, with no signature card or card reader required. Two-factor authentication (SMS-TAN or biometrics/fingerprint) guarantee your secure authentication when you trigger a signature.

The straightforward subscription price model allows you to sign for an unlimited period of time both from within and outside of your hospital information system, pharmacy, practice management system or similar solution – and all this at a fixed net monthly rate of €7 (recommended retail price).

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The remote signature solution for the healthcare sector.

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Any further questions?

sign-me eHealth is usually embedded for use in a practice or pharmacy management system, hospital information system, billing system or similar healthcare application. The service providers in the healthcare sector purchase the licence from the providers of these systems. If you as a system provider are interested in integrating sign-me eHealth, please contact vertrieb [at] d-trust.net.