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Secure online signing of documents

The online signature for digital documents

sign-me, the digital service for your secure online signature, allows you to handle your paper-based signature processes in an entirely electronic procedure. If you wish to exchange documents, safeguard transactions or sign contracts on a pan-European scale, the digital signature service can make this happen: online, convenient and legally binding. With sign-me, you can cut costs, optimize workflows, reduce cancellation rates for contracts and improve customer satisfaction.

Your advantages at a glance

Efficient – Entirely seamless processes

Convenient – Sign online with a tablet or smartphone, no signature card or reader needed 

Simple – Intuitive user interface

Legally secure – eIDAS-compliant online signature

Product details

The EU’s regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) has simplified the procedure for online signatures. The components now used to generate the signature are not stored on a card, but in the secure IT environment of a qualified trust service provider (previously referred to as a trust center). This means that the electronic signature can now also be triggered remotely, for instance, using tablets and smartphones.

One-stop solution for all signature levels

sign-me enables the use of all the signature levels laid down in the eIDAS Regulation: from simple to advanced right through to qualified electronic online signatures. The latter meets the written form requirement and has the same legal standing as a hand-written signature.

sign-me is a web-based, one-stop solution for remote signatures: from user identification to the online signature. All your customers need is a PC or tablet, an Internet connection and a smartphone. 

Various secure procedures can be used for the required initial verification of identity, including the online ID function with the German ID card, online identification and point-of-sale identification. 

In the signature process, the signature is approved with an smsTAN or an app. The sign-me 2FA app meets the highest protection and integrity requirements thanks to push-based two-factor authentication and advanced mobile security technologies. The app is already available for download in Google’s Play Store for Android devices and in Apple’s App Store for iOS devices.

The first eIDAS-compliant remote signature ‘Made in Germany’ 

Online signatures with sign-me meet the strict requirements of the eIDAS Regulation for remote signatures. This was confirmed by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH and the Federal Network Agency with sign-me’s inclusion in the eIDAS National Trusted List. This means that sign-me is Germany’s first eIDAS-compliant remote signature solution.

Remote signature sign-me

You can access the sign-me remote signature portal at the following Internet address: https://cloud.sign-me.de/signature/start

Several cooperation partnerships with workflow providers

Bundesdruckerei is cooperating with several workflow providers for its remote signature solution sign-me. In each case, sign-me is integrated into the corresponding cloud service or locally into a signature software solution. The remote signature enables documents to be signed electronically in a continuous process via standard web browsers and mobile devices.

Cloud service cooperation partnerships have been entered into with:

Bundesdruckerei has also entered into cooperation partnerships with signature software providers:

  • intarsys,
  • Secrypt,
  • SecCommerce,
  • Mentana Claimsoft,
  • XiTrust.
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Flyer sign-me

Flyer sign-me

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Flyer Qualified time stamps

Protecting data against manipulation throughout Europe.

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Digital signing of employment contracts using Zenjob

D-TRUST's products at work: Zenjob allows student employees to digitally sign temporary employment contracts using a smartphone.

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Mobile electronic signatures for audit reports

Business law firm PKF WMS has begun to replace handwritten signatures with end-to-end digital signature workflows.

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You can use a digital signature to sign a document (e.g. a loan agreement) online and without paper. This accelerates processes and saves costs. The EU‑wide eIDAS Regulation provides the legal framework for this and defines the legal effect of electronically signed documents and their probative value in court.

You can use sign‑me for simple, advanced and qualified signatures. The qualified electronic signature has the highest level. Contracts, such as employee leasing, consumer loans or disposal certificates, are typical cases in which the qualified signature is used. The qualified signature has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature and thus replaces the written form on paper. Simple and/or advanced signatures are used for most company form and approval processes as well as for formless agreements.

Sign‑me allows you to trigger an electronic signature without a signature card or card reader. All you need is an Internet-enabled device. sign‑me can be used in many different way – be it for contract management or online loans, digital insurance services or even for electronic public tendering or to promote the electronic patient file. The sign‑me service cannot be used to sign e-mails.

Would you like to use digital signatures at your company or public authority? If so, contact us directly or send an e‑mail to vertrieb [at] d-trust.net. Once a contract has been concluded, your application will be connected to sign‑me. Instead of your own application, you can also use a workflow/document management system from one of our partners in which sign‑me is already integrated. After your employees, partners and customers have been identified once, they too can sign documents directly using this system.

Interested in trying out our product directly? Create a sign‑me account today and get to know the functions provided by our solution. Find out how identification and registration with sign‑me works, for instance, in our demonstration video.

Register and identify yourself once directly on our portal: www.sign‑me.de. Once you have registered and confirmed your registration e‑mail, you will receive a start credit of 10 coins which you can use to create two qualified signatures. You must first identify yourself in order to be able to use this start credit. You can currently do this free of charge on the portal using the online ID function of your ID card. All other identification methods via our service provider identity TM require a signature credit of 50 coins. You can top up your coin credit through our REINER SCT. Different packages are available to meet different signature needs. Once you have identified yourself, you can upload a document on the portal for signing. After confirmation using a second factor, for instance, an SMS‑TAN or via an app, you can download the signed document again and send it to your business partners. After you have used up your signature credit (coins), you can purchase new credit in the online shop of our partner REINER SCT.

Do you have any other questions about sign-me?

Our Service and Support section contains FAQs regarding the online signature and sign-me as well as information and tips for registering and using sign-me.