Mastering digital transformation at your hospital

As paper-based procedures increasingly make way for digital processes at hospitals, the aim is to streamline processes, create greater flexibility, save time and reduce costs. The two major advantages of digitalization are fast communication across sectors and secure access to patient data. As more and more hospital services are shifted to outpatient services, this transformation is becoming even more important. The basic prerequisite is always compliance with applicable data protection and IT security requirements as well as the Hospital Future Law. The Bundesdruckerei Group offers hospitals a wide range of digital solutions ‘Made in Germany’. These solutions ensure secure handling of electronic applications while protecting the medical and personal data of patients.
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Is your hospital already connected to the Telematics Infrastructure?

The Telematics Infrastructure (TI) connects all stakeholders involved in the statutory health insurance scheme. This means that doctor’s practices, hospitals and other medical facilities can exchange digital information securely and quickly. Only authorized institutions and registered users can access the Telematics Infrastructure using a connector and a card terminal. Authorized hospitals wishing to access the infrastructure must identify themselves using the SMC-B card for medical practices and institutions. Individuals, i.e. medical staff, identify themselves using the electronic Health Professional Card (eHPC). Both cards are produced by D‑TRUST, the trust service provider of the Bundesdruckerei Group. Once connected to the TI, users have access to various solutions including emergency data management, the electronic medication plan, the electronic patient file, communication in the medical sector as well as ePrescription. Both access and communication are always encrypted in order to protect sensitive patient data.  What’s more, the eHPC can be used to digitally sign discharge letters and other documents in a legally recognized manner – a further step towards setting up entirely digital processes.

D-TRUST Praxisausweis
SMC-B card for medical practices/institutions
The SMC-B card is the key to the telematics infrastructure and can be used by all stakeholders in the healthcare industry to identify themselves as a medical institution.
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Elektronischer Heilberufsausweis
Electronic Health Professional Card (eHPC)
With the health professional card, doctors, dentists, psychotherapists or pharmacists can identify themselves in the specially protected Telematics Infrastructure.
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Headergrafik sign-me eHealth
sign-me eHealth – the digital signature in the healthcare sector
sign-me eHealth enables online signing of electronic documents in the healthcare sector throughout the EU in a legally compliant manner and in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.
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Is the digital infrastructure at your hospital secure?

Hospitals are a target for hackers. In the past, there have been several reports of cyberattacks on German hospitals. Experts assume that the number of attacks will continue to rise in 2020 and beyond. A successful attack can pose a double risk for hospitals. On the one hand, there is a risk of disruption in operations, and on the other hand, the attack could result in the hospital having to pay fines. Under IT security law, hospitals that belong to the critical infrastructure (KRITIS) are obliged to protect themselves against cyberattacks and system failures. As a reliable partner, the companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group can deliver customized solutions to secure your digital infrastructure and to implement the Hospital Future Act as required.

Cloud Computing mit Bdrive
Bdrive: Cloud storage ‘Made in Germany’
Share, store and synchronize your data in the cloud – securely and in compliance with the GDPR. Discover the secure cloud storage solution ‘Made in Germany’.
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Certificate Service Manager
Certificate Service Manager (CSM): Managing and requesting certificates
With the Certificate Service Manager (CSM), a managed PKI solution, you yourself can manage and request certificates.
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Magazin-Leben retten mit Gesundheitsdaten
Data trustee: An independent trust authority
Our CenTrust data trustee platform is your key to trust among data providers and data users. This allows you to ensure that data is pseudonymized and exchanged in a legally compliant manner.
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D-TRUST Personenzertifikate
Personal and organization certificates
Employees can use secure personal certificates as digital proof of identity, to sign and encrypt e-mails as well as to sign or seal documents.
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D-TRUST SSL Zeritifikate
SSL/TLS certificates for trusted websites
An SSL/TLS certificate assures the user that a real and trusted person or institution is behind an Internet presence.
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Is your hospital working effectively?

In order for digitalization to come into its own, as many processes as possible should be fully digital with no media discontinuity. The handwritten signature, for example, is a factor that interrupts digital processes and unnecessarily increases administrative work. Yet qualified electronic signatures have already long been on the same level as the written form and can be used in a legally secure manner. There is nothing therefore standing in the way of digitizing this work step. Other solutions from the Bundesdruckerei Group can help you to make your workflows more effective. Examples include XRechnung for the convenient dispatch of e-invoices to patients as well as AusweisIDent for the unambiguous identification of your patients using their ID card.

Headergrafik sign-me eHealth
sign-me eHealth – the digital signature in the healthcare sector
sign-me eHealth enables online signing of electronic documents in the healthcare sector throughout the EU in a legally compliant manner and in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.
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D-TRUST AusweisIdent-VorOrt
AusweisIDent OnSite: Read out ID card data rather than typing it from the card
Focus on your customers rather than their ID cards – AusweisIDent OnSite reads the ID card data electronically.
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D-TRUST AusweisIdent-Online
AusweisIDent Online: Secure identification on the Internet with your ID card
ID card, PIN and smartphone: AusweisIDent Online identifies your customers online with their ID cards and can be quickly integrated into your system.
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Business Services
Business Services: Efficient digital document exchange
Reduce internal administration costs with simple processes for digital document exchange.
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Electronic seals: The digital stamp for companies and public authorities
Our seal solutions can secure the integrity and origin of your digital documents in a legally effective manner.
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Headergrafik Datenanalyse
Artificial intelligence and Data analytics
By making use of data analytics and AI, public administrations, industry and healthcare can respond to digital challenges and open up new options. We offer data analytics and AI, ranging from comprehensive consulting to complete solutions for your digitalization projects.
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Products for your hospital from the Bundesdruckerei Group

Digitalization at hospitals is changing the way sensitive patient data is handled. Secure and decentralized access for all authorized stakeholders is an essential part of this. After all, the reliable authentication and identification of authorized persons and institutions are what enable the secure and GDPR-compliant use of digital services in the eHealth sector. The Bundesdruckerei Group provides user-friendly and legally compliant solutions for hospitals and other medical facilities – all ‘Made in Germany’.