Seal cards

The electronic signature for companies and authorities

The company stamp for electronic sealing

Individuals, i.e. company employees, use electronic signatures to prove that they are the originators of a document and that its contents have not been manipulated. Legal entities, such as companies and public agencies, can now also use this feature with a procedure referred to as electronic sealing. Our qualified seal card has been developed for just this purpose. 

Your advantages at a glance

Legally binding – They prove the origin and integrity of documents

Effective – Electronic business processes that require no change in media

Legally secure – Compliant and legally secure administration processes

Certified – Data security from Bundesdruckerei's trust service provider

Product details

The qualified electronic seal closes a gap in electronic communications

Legal entities, such as companies, can now use electronic seals throughout Europe. The electronic seal brings public authority seals and company stamps into the age of the Internet in a form that is both legally binding and recognized throughout Europe. The qualified seal card is the electronic company stamp. Just like a signature, it ensures the origin and integrity of electronic documents and proves that the documents come from a specific legal entity. The qualified seal certificates are issued by D-TRUST, Bundesdruckerei's accredited trust service provider, using electronic seal creation units and in compliance with the eIDAS regulation ([EU] 910/2014).

Less product details


Put simply, a digital signature is a digital seal which identifies the sender without any doubt (authenticity) when data is electronically transmitted and which warrants the original condition of the data transported (integrity). The digital signature should not be confused with encryption of the signed document itself. The content of the signed data can be read by anybody irrespective of the digital signature. The qualified digital signature has the same effect as a personally made signature and is to protect the electronic documents against manipulation during transmission.

We normally sign on behalf of the customer using a multicard. Multicards are issued to data centre employees and contain one of our pseudonyms.

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