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Certificate Service Manager

Managing and requesting digital certificates
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Managing and requesting digital certificates

The Certificate Service Manager (CSM) is a managed PKI service for organizations that apply for certificates several times a year. Using a web interface or automated with one of our partner solutions, certificates are issued, requests approved or certificates revoked. Following initial verification of your organization and your domain, it is no longer necessary to verify every single certificate request.

Your advantages at a glance

Fast – Certificates made available in a matter of seconds

Central – Certificate stock managed at the company

Flexible – Assignment of finely graded user authorizations

One-stop solution – SSL server, personal or machine certificates or electronic seals automated with an API

Product details

The solution and its components

Companies and organizations themselves request and manage certificates with the CSM – all on a single platform. This reduces work, costs and time. You always have full control of your certificate stock – with no compromise on security. Access for authorized users to the web portal is secured with SSL and smartcard certificates.

Direct issuance of many different certificates following initial identity verification

Pre-verified organizational attributes, domains and applicant authorizations enable you to issue certificates immediately. The multifunctional certificates cover a wide range of applications, such as signing and encrypting e-mails (S/MIME), authenticating users and devices in networks and digitally signing or sealing documents. You can add new organizations or domains to your account at any time.

Integration of the API into your digital workflow

By integrating the CSM API into your IT processes, you can completely automate the lifecycle of your user certificates and ensure an Active Directory connection. This enables you to use your existing IT infrastructure and provide all users, devices and servers with certificates at short notice, thus eliminating the need to manage your own PKI. Upon request, we will be happy to support you with offers tailored to your needs.

Finely graded user authorization levels

Using flexible rights and role models, administrators can determine which employees can request, release, renew or revoke certificates.

Several organizations in one customer account

Register and manage multiple companies or organizations within a single account. This enables flexible mapping of the structure of a corporate group or different customers via a CSM account so that they can be served centrally with certificates.

Significant cost reduction

Our managed PKI service offers you steep volume discounts and at the same time eliminates the effort of setting up and managing your own PKI. 

D‑TRUST cooperates with Nexus

T‑TRUST has joined forces with technology partner Nexus to offer customers a joint solution for using digital certificates on different devices and hardware tokens, such as smart cards, mobile phones and laptops. Customers using this solution also benefit from D-TRUST’s secure infrastructure since the certificates issued are from a trusted root and meet the highest security requirements. With just one managed PKI system, i.e. the Certificate Service Manager (CSM) from D‑TRUST, application and issuance are now simple and flexible for all certificates.

To find out more about this cooperation, go to: https://doc.nexusgroup.com/display/PUB/Smooth+management+of+certificates+from+trusted+root

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Certificate Service Manager (CSM) - Managed PKI Platform

Efficient management and issuance of digital certificates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Large companies and organizations often use multiple certificates for a variety of purposes, such as e-mail signatures, encryption, or securing the transmission of sensitive data in online communications. With the Certificate Service Manager (CSM), all these certificates can be managed and requested from a single platform. This reduces the effort, cost and time otherwise associated with managing many digital certificates. 

The CSM can be used to request the following certificate types:

  • SSL/TLS certificates according to the Organization Validation (OV), Domain Validation (DV) or Extended Validation (EV) standard to secure server communications.
  • Qualified website certificates according to the eIDAS regulation for securing server communications
  • Qualified PSD2 website certificates and seals under the eIDAS Regulation to protect payment information in transactions
  • Electronic seals for immutability and proof of origin of documents
  • S/MIME certificates for digital signing and encryption of e-mails and for authenticating users in networks
  • Machine certificates for securing communication between machines or objects with organizational affiliation
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