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Business Services

XInvoices: the new standard for electronic invoices
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Simple processes for digital document exchange

Our service for digital document exchange can cut internal administration costs by up to 70 percent. Your invoices will be automatically checked to ensure that they are correct and meet with all legal requirements; this means fewer complaints and ensures compliance. 

Note: In future, this service will be available to companies and non-public institutions exclusively via the TRAFFIQX network. The Business Services solution from Bundesdruckerei GmbH is available only to public authorities and public institutions.

Your advantages at a glance

Modular – All our services can be combined

Legally secure – Legal requirements are fulfilled

Flexible – Can be integrated into automated and paper-based business processes

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What are our Business Services used for?

Our Business Services solution is suitable for all widely used types of documents (e.g. invoices, notices, cover letters, and applications) and it also supports the new XInvoice data format. From 27 November 2020, all suppliers to the federal government will be required to submit their invoices electronically to federal authorities in accordance with certain format specifications (XInvoice).
With our Business Services, you can choose from several hundred data formats and easily translate your invoices fully automatically into the data format required by your IT department. This allows you to quickly connect with customers and suppliers already integrated.
We will be happy to advise you during conversion of your invoices to digital formats.

Bundesdruckerei is a member of the TRAFFIQX® network
Since 2004, the TRAFFIQX® network, supported by the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), has been working to develop a technology that allows business documents to be exchanged between the sender and the receiver independent of their system environment. As an official provider in the TRAFFIQX® network, Bundesdruckerei offers you access to more than 350,000 members who today can already send and receive electronic invoices. Click here for more information.

How to digitalize your incoming mail processes
Using our Scanning and Data Capture service, you can digitally capture your entire incoming mail in the format of your choice. Our Document Receipt service provides a digital inbox where scans and documents from your business partners can be received in electronic format.

Using our Document Delivery service, you can send your eInvoices in the requested format to the invoice recipients. If your business partners want to have paper-based invoices, you can combine the Document Delivery service with the Printing and Mailing service and additionally benefit from postage discounts. You can also archive documents received and sent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both you and your business partners can benefit by changing to eInvoices. After all, electronic invoices can usually be posted much faster by the recipient, making the entire workflow more efficient.