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Our technology: Security by Design

Share, store and synchronize your data – securely, in compliance with the GDPR and ‘Made & hosted in Germany’. When you choose Bdrive, Bundesdruckerei‘s certified cloud storage solution, the focus is on the security of your data. You retain full control over your data thanks to the use of client-side end-to-end encryption as recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), a decentralized storage concept and our identity management. As with all of our solutions, security is already part and parcel of the first steps of development. Thanks to this security-by-design approach, Bdrive is not only particularly secure, it is also easy to use.

Your advantages at a glance

Secure – Protected data exchange, also with external partners

Simple – Intuitive user guidance and direct integration into the file manager

Trusted – Absolute data control for you according to the zero-knowledge principle

‘Made & hosted in Germany’ – Data storage at ISO-certified cloud service providers with headquarters and servers in Germany

Compliant with GDPR – Fully compliant and audit-proof cloud

Product details

New standards for data security

Bdrive has been accredited with the IT Security Certificate according to the international Common Criteria EAL2 (CC) by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and by TÜViT. Bdrive comes with an innovative security technology. The so-called CloudRAID principle encrypts and fragments your data on the device and stores the fragments in a redundant array with at least three independent and ISO-accredited storage services in Germany. Unlike other cloud solutions, the keys are generated on the device and stored there. This means that data remains secure during both transmission and storage. Nobody can retrieve the data except authorized persons, ensuring your organization meets all compliance and audit requirements.


Bdrive Grafik

Bdrive Application

The features in detail

Sharing data within a team, with customers and with external partners can quickly become confusing due to version conflicts and even dangerous due to unsecured transmissions. Bdrive simplifies collaboration considerably because the application is integrated into Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac). This means that all users can store their data easily and simply with just one authorization. Just like on their own hard drive, they can share data and work on it together – even when on the move. An integrated versioning system shows which version is the latest one and who was the last to edit a document.


When sharing company data, you can quickly fall victim to cyberattacks. In the hectic pace of everyday work, sensitive data is often transmitted without encryption and hence without protection. Bdrive backs up your data fully automatically while you continue working as usual in the file manager. This is where the zero-knowledge principle comes into play: The encrypted, decentrally distributed data packets cannot be used by cloud providers, Bundesdruckerei or any hacker.

To protect yourself against data loss, you need backup servers that back up data at short intervals as well as additional, redundant servers that immediately take over in the event of a failure. Thanks to cloud-based storage, this is all already integrated into Bdrive and data access is practically always guaranteed. Your files are distributed to several data centers, which are protected professionally around the clock. So-called parity blocks also ensure that your file can be restored completely even if fragments are missing and even if individual data centers are not up and running.

Bdrive works exclusively with independent and ISO-certified providers of cloud storage systems with data centers in Germany. This means that the data or – better – the data fragments distributed on the basis of the CloudRAID principle, which are of no use whatsoever to attackers, are located exclusively on German servers. As a federal government security company, we not only know about security standards, we are also experts when it comes to compliance with legal regulations in national and international business. This expertise is also reflected in all of our products. Bdrive fully meets all compliance and audit requirements.

Save the money needed for a server rack, maintenance, permanent air conditioning, as well as burglary and theft protection. Bdrive offers you unlimited storage space in the data centers of specialized service providers, who look after running operations and, if necessary, provide IT support. All you pay for is the licenses you have booked. You can also add more users and storage space at any time for new employees or external partners. In this way, you always have full control of your costs.

Uncompromising user-friendliness

  • Share your folders and files with one click
  • Work with external partners without waiting
  • Keep track of changes
  • Recover deleted documents and older versions
  • Benefit from easy integration into common file managers

Secure cloud storage to meet every need

Every ministry, every public authority and every company in every sector can benefit from Bdrive:

  • Secure management

Bdrive protects both private data and government secrets against espionage and sabotage.

  • Security for eHealth

Bdrive connects the health sector while providing a high level of protection for patient data.

  • Protection of intellectual property

Share R&D data within your organization or with service providers – with full espionage protection.

  • Compliance with relevant legal requirements

Share highly sensitive data in a secure and legally compliant manner – even in industries obliged to secrecy or at critical infrastructure (CI) companies.

  • Compliance with section 203 of the German Criminal Code (StGB)

Bdrive brings legal documents securely to the cloud in compliance with section 203 of the German Criminal Code.

  • Save money

Use the storage capacity offered by the cloud and avoid having to invest in an expensive server architecture.

Innovation through collaboration

Bundesdruckerei collaborates with high-profile partners: neXenio, one of Germany’s most innovative security start-ups, as well as top-class engineers from Hasso Plattner Institute. Bdrive hence combines outstanding experience with excellent technology.

Less product details


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Simple and secure data sharing in the cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Bdrive, you can exchange documents with users even when these users have no Bdrive account of their own. The easiest way to work with colleagues is to use shared folders. When exchanging documents with external partners (without a Bdrive account) you have two options:

  • Using download links, you can easily make documents available for download. You can protect your links against access by unauthorized third parties using a password or SMS-TAN.
  • Third parties can securely send you documents via file requests. They do not need their own Bdrive account for this, only a web browser.

From the very beginning, Bdrive was designed according to the security-by-design principle. This means that high security standards formed the foundation for the software design from the very beginning. That’s why we also rely on strong client-side end-to-end encryption. With this method, the user encrypts the data along with all relevant meta data before the data reaches the cloud. To provide access, Bdrive generates a corresponding key on the user’s PC, tablet or smart phone in order to decrypt the data.

The 4,096-bit long RSA private keys never leave the device. The files are encrypted using the AES algorithm in counter mode, and encryption is so complex that it would take several hundred years to crack the code. Another core component of our security architecture is the fragmentation and distribution of data across multiple cloud service providers. This means that your data is additionally protected even if one of the data centers is compromised.

You can easily share documents with external partners using download links and file requests. These partners do not even need their own Bdrive account for this, simply a web browser.

You can also book a license pool for guest users for your company at any time. Your Bdrive administrator can then easily unlock external users for your organization. The advantage of this is that your colleagues can also easily collaborate with external partners using shared folders.

You can use Bdrive on both Windows and Mac devices. Bdrive automatically integrates itself into customary file managers, so that your employees can continue working in their familiar folder structures.

You can also use Bdrive on Linux systems. At the same time, our web client allows you to use Bdrive on any device with an Internet browser, making it easy to quickly share files on the go with a smartphone and tablet.

Yes, Bdrive can also be used on your terminal servers.

Bdrive works together with carefully selected cloud service providers. All our cloud service providers are located in Germany and are ISO-certified. You can therefore easily choose your preferred cloud servers and we will do the rest.

Another option is to use your own server. In this way, you can connect Bdrive to your company's internal server infrastructure via an S3 interface.

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