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Our technology: Security by Design

Bdrive is setting new standards in data security. You can make your collaboration more efficient and secure with cloud storage ‘Made in Germany’. With just a few clicks, files can be shared in a secure manner with both your own colleagues and with external partners, while your data remains permanently available and excellently protected using the highest security standards.

Your advantages at a glance

Share files easily and securely – even beyond the borders of your company 

Data sovereignty at all times thanks to innovative cloud-RAID technology

Full cost control thanks to a scalable price model

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Features and technology

In its determination to protect your most valuable assets, i.e. your data, Bundesdruckerei has joined forces with high-profile partners: neXenio, one of Germany’s most innovative security start-ups, as well as top-class engineers from Hasso Plattner Institute. Bdrive hence combines outstanding experience with excellent technology.


Cloud storage with maximum security for your data

When you choose Bdrive, protection for your data begins long before the data ever reaches the cloud. The crucial factor here is end-to-end encryption at the client end that takes place automatically on the user’s device. With this method, the user encrypts the data along with all relevant meta data before the data reaches the cloud. To provide access, Bdrive generates a corresponding key on the user’s PC, tablet or smart phone in order to encrypt the data. The 4,096-bit long RSA private keys never leave the device. The files are encrypted using the AES algorithm in counter mode, and encryption is so complex that it would take several hundred years to crack the code.

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recommends all of the cryptographic methods used in Bdrive.


Security is also a top priority when data is uploaded into the cloud. Bdrive automatically splits up the data encrypted on the user’s device into several fragments. Each fragment is randomly made up of several parts of the file’s binary code. This means that no conclusions whatsoever can be drawn regarding the content, size or format of the complete file. Following fragmentation, cloud-RAID (redundant array of independent clouds) security technology takes over and distributes the data packages to different, independent data centers in Germany. None of these data centers can use their fragment to access the entire file because they not only have no access to the servers of the other clouds, encryption at the client end additionally prevents any access whatsoever. This means that your data remains protected even if one of the data centers is compromised.

The Bdrive security architecture is based on the principle of zero knowledge: Nobody can access the shared files without authorization. Neither the cloud provider nor Bundesdruckerei can read the data.

Cloud-RAID technology not only ensures that third parties cannot access your contents, it also stores your data on several independent clouds in Germany and in this way ensures that your data remains available to you all times. Even in the unlikely event that a server fails, you can always access the entire file. This is ensured by so-called parity blocks generated when the data is split up which are also sent to the cloud for storage. They then act as a kind of joker for the missing package by supplementing the existing fragments, so that the encrypted file and the checksum can be reconstructed.

How can you be certain that the person on the other device is in fact who you want to share your data with? That’s precisely what Bundesdruckerei's clever identity management ensures. All Bdrive users receive authorization and encryption certificates from D-TRUST, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei. Strict security measures are required in order to issue certificates like these. For more than 20 years now, D-TRUST has been one of the few German trust service providers listed with the Federal Network Agency and authorized to offer certification services for both legal entities and natural persons.

Bdrive was developed exclusively in Germany as part of cooperation between Bundesdruckerei and neXenio, one of the most innovative security start-ups around. As an independent, government-owned company, Bundesdruckerei guarantees the long-term availability of your data. Bdrive also works exclusively with cloud service providers in Germany. The Bdrive user interface even allows you to track exactly where every single data fragment is located.

A single user can bring down an entire system, for instance, by unknowingly uploading ransomware onto their computer. Ransomware is malware that encrypts data and systems, so that they can no longer be used. Bdrive can prevent this. Your data is located in a protected environment in the cloud and can be restored at any time thanks to versioning.

  • Two-factor authentication during identity verification
  • TLS transmission channel protection 
  • Secure key deletion and storage
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Protection against code-injection attacks
  • Secure hosting of all IT components
  • Background checks on employees
  • Regular weakpoint management
  • Encrypted upload and download links with password protection
  • Bdrive is currently being accredited according to the particularly strict security standards (CC EAL 4+) of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Systematic cloud storage: Easy to use in so many ways

Efficient file sharing with Bdrive streamlines your processes considerably. Users can collaborate seamlessly and securely in the cloud using shared folders – irrespective of whether they are using a PC at the office or a mobile device at the other end of the world.  

Bdrive can be integrated into customary file managers, such as Windows Explorer or Apple Finder, offering the same level of easy and intuitive use. This means that all users can continue to work in their customary folder structure, they no longer have to resort to public file-sharing services and therefore avoid building up any shadow IT.

With download and upload links, Bdrive secures the exchange of data, even with external partners. Since the process in the cloud runs entirely on a web basis, our partners do not have to install any software nor do they need a Bdrive license. The security level corresponds to that of data exchange via the client. All of the links sent are encrypted and additionally protected with passwords and SMS TANs.

Full control in the cloud

When it comes to sharing data, access rights can be defined as needed or even entirely revoked. Bdrive additionally records every step taken. This means that the owner always has full control over the file.

Do you want to be able to track the change history of a file? No problem with Bdrive. Each change made in the past 30 days is clearly shown in the change history. The three W’s, i.e. who?, when? and what?, are now easy to answer. During this 30-day period, you can even restore deleted data. Older versions of a file can be retrieved at any time. Both this function and the restoration of deleted data offer inherent protection against ransomware attacks.

A single technology that makes work processes more efficient and easy to use on a single device? That sounds too good to be 100% in line with regulatory and data protection requirements. However, Bdrive offers not just ‘Security by Design’, but also ‘Legal Compliance by Design’. As a high-security company entrusted with government tasks, Bundesdruckerei knows exactly which national and international regulations must be observed for cloud computing. That’s why Bdrive users can trust in a fully compliant and auditable cloud with strong encryption that goes hand in hand with a core recommendation by the GDPR.

A cloud that meets the particularly strict security standards (CC EAL 4+) of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI): The application for accreditation has already been submitted.    

Growing price pressure, agile project work – these are the challenges of digitalization facing nearly every company and public authority. Bdrive provides the necessary flexibility. Additional users can be easily activated, additional storage packages can be automatically booked, allowing you to stay in control of costs at all times. And because storage capacity in the cloud is very generous, it makes hardly any sense to expand your own – expensive – IT infrastructure. Security updates, servicing and intrusion protection for your own server? These investments are no longer needed with cloud storage and Bdrive which come with security ‘Made in Germany’ included.

Secure cloud storage to meet every need

Bdrive protects both private data and government secrets against espionage and sabotage.

Share highly sensitive data in a secure and legally compliant manner – even in industries obliged to secrecy or in CI companies.

Exchange R&D data within your organization or with service providers – with full espionage protection.

Bdrive places legal documents securely in the cloud while complying with section 203 of the German Criminal Code.

Bdrive connects the health sector while providing maximum protection for patient data.

Use the storage capacity offered by the cloud and avoid having to invest in an expensive server architecture.

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