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Fast, easy and secure –The new approach to online identification

Online service providers, such as banks or telecom companies, can now identify new customers easily and reliably. The name of this new online identification method is AusweisIDent Online and was developed jointly by Bundesdruckerei and Governikus. AusweisIDent Online is based on the online ID function of the German ID card. This thoroughly digital service is much faster and costs less than previous online identification solutions, such as the POSTIDENT or Video-Ident methods.

Your advantages at a glance

Secure – A high level of trust thanks to legal compliance 


Fast – Identification for data provision without any loss of time or media disruptions

Simple – Simple implementation of standard interfaces 

Low-cost – Costs a lot less than alternative identification methods

Product details

Secure online identification with an ID card and smartphone

AusweisIDent confirms the digital identity of customers at the highest trust level. Identification processes with a high trust level are required by law especially in order to combat money laundering, white-collar crime or terrorism and are being increasingly demanded by private business. Depending on the industry, different specifications and security requirements apply. 

The solutions currently available are either time-consuming or not suitable due to their low level of trust. AusweisIDent Online allows the online ID function in the German ID card or the electronic residence permit to be simply integrated into your web application. This provides you with a simple and affordable solution, enabling you to offer your customers a fast and secure identification procedure from the convenience of their own home. The AusweisIDent Online identification service, which has been accredited by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), was developed by Bundesdruckerei together with Governikus. 

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Online identification with the German ID card and a smartphone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connection to the identification procedure 

After signing a contract with Bundesdruckerei, service providers receive access to the AusweisIDent service. Following the technical connection, customers can use AusweisIDent Online for identification. When AusweisIDent Online is selected, customers are transferred from the service provider's website to the AusweisIDent service so that identity verification can be carried out. 

Starting the AusweisIDent service

The AusweisApp2 app is started using the AusweisIDent service. This app must already be installed on the user’s smartphone or PC. AusweisApp2 is not part of the AusweisIDent service, but is a solution developed and certified on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community for using the online ID function of the German ID card and the electronic residence permit. 

Reading the electronic data 

With an NFC-enabled smartphone or card reader, the required electronic data can be read from the chip of the ID card or electronic residence permit. By entering the 6-digit ID card PIN, the customer agrees to the data transfer. 

Provision of identification data  

The AusweisIDent service makes the electronic data read out available to the service provider via a standardized web interface (OpenID Connect). Whether as an easily integrated API or as a fully integrated SDK in the service provider's application: The secure identification of customers is fast and cost-effective in both variants.  

You will need the following for secure online identification using AusweisIDent Online:

  • An NFC-enabled smart phone or card reader for the ID card
  • Your ID card with the online ID function activated and your PIN
  • AusweisApp2 on a PC or smart phone