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On-site identification with the German ID card
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Secure reading of ID card data

AusweisIDent On-Site, a service for reading data from the German ID card, can be used everywhere where ID data is needed for identification. This service ensures that the ID card data is read in a fast and secure process. This not only efficiently accelerates on-site identification, the errors that take place when data is entered manually are avoided and business processes become much faster. 

Your advantages at a glance

Efficient – Customer data is electronically read at the point of sale

Simple – Easy integration of the service thanks to standardized interfaces

Reliable – Thanks to electronic reading

Secure – High level of trust, legally compliant and certified

Product details

Secure electronic reading of ID card data

For the more than 500 million business transactions that take place each year, companies and organizations need to capture customer ID data at the so-called point of sale, especially when it comes to new customers. When entering into a contract, staff on site usually copy the customer's ID card and then enter this data manually into the computer system. But this can lead to errors and slow down the identification process.

Automated optical recognition using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is often unreliable, especially when it comes to the address labels used on German ID cards. The AusweisIDent On-Site solution enables data to be read from the ID card chip in an error-free, electronic process. 

Without an online ID function or PIN

The chip data can be read out from all valid ID cards, electronic residence permits and ID cards for EU citizens. It is not necessary to activate the online ID function, nor do customers need to know their secret PIN.

AusweisIDent On-Site as part of on-site identification

The service can be integrated into an existing procedure at companies, for instance, for on-site identification. One useful added benefit of this system is that the authenticity of the document itself is also checked because the system will detect any manipulation of the chip.

Fast and secure identification at test centers

One current example of the application at work is registration at COVID-19 test centers. With AusweisIDent On-Site, staff can transfer the citizen's ID data into the test center’s IT system in a matter of seconds.

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Secure electronic capture of ID card data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consent to reading ID card data 
The customer must give customer service staff consent to read the personal data from the chip of the ID card or electronic residence permit.

Photo comparison by customer service staff 
The customer service staff member compares the photo on the ID card with the holder and then places the card on the reader.

Reading ID card data 
The customer service staff member reads the required electronic data from the chip of the ID card or electronic residence permit using a reader or an NFC-enabled smart phone. The Card Access Number (CAN) printed on the card then authorizes the data transmission. The CAN can be entered manually or read via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This procedure is legally compliant pursuant to sec. 18a of the German Act on Identity Cards and Electronic Identification.

Data transmission
The electronic data read out is made available to the company or public authority via a standardized web interface (OpenID Connect/OAuth2).

All customers need is an ID card or electronic residence permit in order to be able to identify themselves on-site using AusweisIDent On-Site.