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Information about the remote electronic signature with sign-me

  1. Register at
  2. Log in to
  3. Click ‘Identify’ and follow the instructions for identification.

You will need to create your personal sign-me account. This just requires registration and identification.

For registration and identification, please state all the given names that are shown on your ID document.

We offer the following methods for identification:

  1. VideoIdent: Following registration with sign-me, one-time identification will be performed. For the VideoIdent method, you will need a PC or laptop with a camera and microphone or a smartphone or tablet, a stable Internet connection, a mobile phone for receiving the SMS-TAN as well as your valid ID document. The identity check will be carried out in a video conference with you and experienced VideoIdent agents. The VideoIdent method has been checked by TÜViT (TÜV Nord Group) and the security of this procedure has been confirmed. Your personal data will be fully protected during this procedure. The data collected and used will be limited to data permitted in line with the applicable legal regulations for verifying your identity.
  2. Online ID function of your ID card: Following registration with sign-me, one-time identification will be performed. For identification, you will need software such as Ausweisapp which the German government provides free of charge. You will also need a card reader with a display and keypad, your valid ID card with the online ID function activated and the six-digit PIN.

sign-me enables you to trigger an electronic signature - without the need for a signature card or card reader. All you need is an Internet-enabled terminal device. sign-me can be used in many different industries and sectors - be it for contract management or online loans, digital insurance services or electronic public tendering or even in order to promote the electronic patient file. Signing e-mails is not possible with the sign-me service.

As soon as you have registered with sign-me, the basic certificate is available for using basic signatures.
Following identification with the VideoIdent method or the online ID function of your ID card, you can sign with advanced and/or qualified signatures.

Once you have logged in to your sign-me account, you can view your current signature certificates under the ‘Signature certificates’ menu item. If you have identified yourself by VideoIdent, it may happen that you do not see a qualified certificate. In this case, sign-me will generate a short-term certificate during the signature process that is valid for 24 hours. You can see whether you are sufficiently identified for a qualified signature under the ‘Identify’menu item.

In your sign-me account, you can select in the "My sign-me" section under "Directory" whether or not your certificate data is to be published in the directory of the certification authority. This directory contains information about each signature certificate issued (just like a telephone directory for signature certificates). Even without publication, sign-me can be used to the full extent.

All short-term certificates (with VideoIdent for the qualified signature) are valid for 24 hours. All other certificates are valid for a term of 2 years. You will be informed in time before the date of expiry so that you can have new certificates issued for you at no cost.

Generally speaking, sign-me is free of charge when used via a company to sign, for instance, loan agreements, insurance policies or temporary employment contracts.

You can change your personal data any time in the "My sign-me" section of your sign-me account.
You must be identified again if you wish to change relevant personal data (such as your mobile number).

When you register for your sign-me account, you are required to accept the Privacy Policy because we will need to process personal data for your identification. The data collected and used will be limited to the data permitted in line with the applicable legal regulations for confirming your identity.

Within the scope of creating your sign-me account (registration, identification), you must accept the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Certificate Statement.

The following browsers are supported:

  • Mozilla Firefox, current version
  • Google Chrome, current version
  • Microsoft Edge, current version
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 / 11

As a user of the sign-me remote signature, log in to your sign-me account. Select the corresponding certificate in the sign-me account under ‘Signature certificates’.Now choose ‘Revoke’.

Your sign-me account can only be activated by Bundesdruckerei's Call and Support Center at support [at] To do this, we will require your username. More detailed information can be found in the Solutions & Products section.

More detailed information can be found in the Solutions & Products section.

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