Public Procedures Directory

Pursuant to section 4g of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG), the data protection officer is required to make available in a suitable way to anyone who files a corresponding application the information referred to in section 4e of the BDSG. Bundesdruckerei complies directly with this obligation, thus waiving the necessity for any individual application.

1. Name of the responsible body

Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Amtsgericht Charlottenburg [Magistrate's Court]
Commercial register No.: HRB 80443
VAT registration No.: DE 813210005
Tax -No.: 1129-3-12061

2. Board of management

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hofschen (CEO)
Christian Helfrich (CFO)

Data processing manager: Heiko Hildebrandt 

3. Address of the responsible body

Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Kommandantenstraße 18
10969 Berlin
Tel.: (0 30) 25 98 - 0
Fax: (0 30) 25 98 - 22 05

4. Intended purpose of the data collection, processing and use

The object of the company is to execute orders in the field of security printing. Furthermore, the company offers full-scale systems for centralised and decentralised production and personalisation of ID cards along with product and brand protection solutions.

Data is captured, processed and used in order to fulfil the above-stated purposes.

5. Definition of the implied groups of persons and the relevant data or data categories in as far as they are needed in order to fulfil the purposes set forth in No. 4 above:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees
  • Applicants
  • Service providers
  • Co-operation partners

6. Addressees or categories of addressees to whom the data may be communicated:

  • Public authorities if superseding legal requirements apply
  • External bodies and internal departments in order to fulfil the purposes set forth in No. 4 above
  • External customers in accordance with section 11 of the German Data Protection Act

7. Customary deadlines for the erasure of data

The legislator has issued numerous obligations and deadlines for the storage of data. After these deadlines have expired, the corresponding data is erased as a routine procedure. If certain data is not subject to these obligations and deadlines, it is then erased as soon as the purposes referred to in No. 4 above no longer apply.

8. Intended transfer of data to third countries

No personal data is transferred to third countries.