Capturing and protecting identities

Be it an ID card or ePassport, in order to ensure secure identities, staff at citizens' registration offices or passport authorities must first capture the applicant's biographical and biometric data, for instance, name, date of birth, signature or fingerprint, according to standardized quality parameters and depending on the type of document.
Ausweissysteme Identitäten


This is where our ID enrolment platform comes into play. This platform provides reliable and efficient support for all work steps along the entire process chain, from recording the data, including automated plausibility checks and quality assessment, right down to encrypted and signed transmission to our personalization center. During data capture, guidelines and recommendations, for instance, by the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, or specific national needs of different countries can be taken into consideration.

The ID enrolment platform is a modular system comprising peripheral devices (e.g. a PC, special camera, fingerprint scanner, signature pad or reader) and software (for instance, for collecting data). This enables the correct and secure capture, processing, storing and forwarding of biographical and biometric data.


We have also developed a self-service terminal that applicants can use at the public agency to enter their personal data. Companies can also use this device to accredit visitors faster. 

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