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Frequently Asked Questions

sign-me card

Here you will find the FAQs regarding the sign-me card - our service for qualified signing with the German ID card.


Here you will find the FAQ section for sign-me, Bundesdruckerei's remote signature service.

sign-me product information

Digital signing is now easier than ever. Find out more about our sign-me solution for the remote signature.

Information about the sign-me card

Discontinuation of the sign-me card

Since the end of June 2017, it has no longer been possible to apply for a new sign-me card certificate for the German ID card or electronic residence permit.

This does not affect certificates already stored on ID cards or electronic residence permits. They can continue to be used for qualified signing until they expire. 

The sign-me card portal was discontinued on 31 December 2017 because conventional browsers no longer support the application used by the sign-me card.

Bundesdruckerei now provides a remote signature that meets the requirements of eIDAS. This signature is based on identification with the online ID function featured on the German ID card and the electronic residence permit. 

A remote signature with sign-me can be used to handle previously paper-based signing processes in a fully electronic, convenient and legally binding manner throughout the EU. More information about remote signatures can be found in our FAQ section. 


If you wish to revoke your sign-me certificate, you have two options to choose from:

  • By phone: Our revocation hotline is manned 24/7 and can be reached by calling +49 (0) 30 25 93 91- 600. Please identify yourself by stating the revocation password that you selected at the time of application.
  • In writing: Please send your written revocation request to:
    Bundesdruckerei GmbH 
    c/o D-TRUST GmbH
    Sperrdienst [Revocation service]
    Kommandantenstraße 15
    10969 Berlin.

sign-me signature portal

In the sign-me signature portal, you can generate a qualified signature using your ID card, electronic residence permit or signature card.

Requirements for your system environment

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the system requirements.

Useful tips

This section provides useful tips for sign-me.

Our security information for sign-me applets

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the security settings of the sign-me applet.

Signature software

Here you can find a list of compatible signature software that can be used with your sign-me certificate.

Information about the remote electronic signature with sign-me

The following privacy issues are laid down in the partner contract:

Both parties to the contract undertake to comply with the statutory provisions regarding privacy and shall

  1. use the data transmitted by the other party hereto exclusively in order to perform this contract and shall delete such data as soon as it is no longer needed;
  2. oblige their employees to respect data privacy pursuant to Section 5 of the Federal Data Protection Act [§ 5 BDSG] or the General Data Protection Regulation.

The parties hereto undertake to make and enter into and to implement the privacy agreements required by statutory regulations. Such agreements shall be entered into in due time before co-operation commences. In the event that the parties hereto are deemed to be jointly responsible or processors in relation to each other, the parties hereto now already undertake to make and enter into the necessary privacy agreements.

When end users are registered, these end users must accept the Privacy Policy statement because personal data is processed for identification.

The SMS-TAN is sent by an SMS Gateway operated at D-TRUST.

Certificate standard x.509 is used. Detailed information about the D-TRUST CSM PKI can be found in the following public document:

All of today's customary browsers are supported, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Each quarter, Bundesdruckerei issues a use-based invoice for the past quarter to the partner customer. The basis for billing is book-keeping by Bundesdruckerei. Any additional expenses will be billed. Consultancy services and the flat-rate for system setup are billed following performance. The annual basic license is billed in advance, for the first time together with system setup.

The partner customer requires a document flow via a web service that permits connection to the sign-me API. The API specifications are made available electronically to the partner customer after an NDA has been signed.

The end user must fulfil the following technical requirements:

  • Internet-enabled device with a web browser and a connected camera with sufficient resolution for video identification
  • A stable online connection
  • Possession of a valid official ID document

TLS 1.2 is used to secure the connection to the sign-me web service.

The use of sign-me by partner customers merely requires one contract, the so-called partner contract. The partner customer’s end users must accept the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Certificate Statement as part of identification.

An initial NDA is sufficient in order to transmit the API. A partner contract is needed in order to transmit the developer kit which includes the software libraries for connection and access to the sign-me test system.

One of the big advantages with sign-me is that end users can digitally sign across different partner customers. This means that end users who are already registered can sign with every partner customer without having to identify themselves again.

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