Elektronischer Praxisausweis (SMC-B)


Secure Module Card (SMC-B) for medical practices/institutions

Authentication of staff in the health sector

The SMC-B is the key to the telematics infrastructure and can be used by all stakeholders in the healthcare industry to identify themselves as employees of a medical facility.

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Secure access to the Telematics Infrastructure

Fast and easy to use

Access to patient information (master data of insured persons) within the TI

Encryption of e-mail communications

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Smartcard for secure access to the Telematics Infrastructure

The ID card for medical practices and institutions (SMC-B card), the so-called Security Module Card, type B, offers secure access to the digital health network. Doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies are obliged to participate in the Telematics Infrastructure (TI).

One card for many digital applications

This small card has a key role to play in the digital healthcare industry. Inserted into the card terminal and together with a secret PIN, the card confirms beyond a trace of doubt the identity of the respective practice or institution. In addition to other applications, the card enables both access to the electronic health card and e-mail encryption.

Step by step towards secure connection to the TI:

  1. Order the SMC-B card for medical practices and institutions via our Application portal
  2. Your application is approved by your Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians/Dentists, the chamber of pharmacists or by DKTIG.
  3. The card is produced and then sent by registered letter. The PIN/PUK letter is sent separately at a later date.
  4. Once delivered, your card is activated on the Application portal.

Order your SMC-B card for medical practices or institutions via D‑TRUST’s Application Portal now.

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In technical terms, there’s no difference. However, their user groups do differ. The SMC-B card for medical practices is designed for doctors, dentists and psychotherapists whereas the SMC-B card for medical institutions is for hospitals. Both versions have the same functions. The SMC-B card allows the above service providers to access the Telematics Infrastructure (TI).

The SMC-B card for medical practices and institutions is issued by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians/Dentists and by the chambers of pharmacists in the respective federal states. The SMC-B card for the in-patient sector is issued by Deutsche Krankenhaus TrustCenter und Informationsverarbeitung GmbH (DKTIG).

D‑TRUST GmbH, a Bundesdruckerei company, is the trust service provider and produces the SMC-B card.

As soon as it is produced, the card is sent by registered letter to the known address to be handed over in person. Please note that the applicant must accept the registered letter in person. If necessary, you can appoint a proxy to receive the SMC-B or authorize another person to receive post on your behalf. 

The PIN letter is sent by post to the known address three days after the card was sent.

The ICCSN (Integrated Circuit Card Serial Number) is a 20-digit globally unique serial number for smart cards like the electronic health card, the SMC-B card or the electronic Health Professional Card (eHPC). This number is printed on the SMC-B and contains, among other things, the country code, the code of the card issuer and that of the trust service provider.

Do you have any other questions about the SMC-B

Our Service and Support section contains FAQs and answers regarding the SMC-B along with information and tips for requesting and activating the SMC-B.