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Maurer Electronics GmbH acts as Bundesdruckerei GmbH’s development company for ID systems and system components. The company develops hardware and software for the capture, personalisation and verification of ID documents. It also integrates these components into complete system solutions and offers services for the integrated hardware and software solutions. Besides its headquarters in Munich, Maurer Electronics has branches in Hamburg, Hanover and Split (Croatia).

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Michael Grundmeyer
team leader
Which positions are you looking to fill at Maurer Electronics, Bundesdruckerei’s subsidiary in Hamburg?
We are primarily looking for software development specialists. We look forward to welcoming new colleagues with expertise in software development, system and software architecture, software testing and product ownership.
What do you recommend to applicants?
At Maurer, my colleagues and I have great fortune to be involved in exciting and important projects and to learn about the latest technologies. Future colleagues should therefore be keen to develop state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions for both the public and private sectors in a team-orientated work environment.
What makes working at Maurer special to you?
Maurer Electronics develops innovative products in a high-security environment that is setting standards worldwide. Our work is characterized by appreciation and modern agile methods. And we are part of Bundesdruckerei GmbH and this means that we closely coordinate all our projects and can rely on their support. I also appreciate the fact that Maurer offers me a host of professional development programmes.

Modern working in a modern environment

Maurer Pausen

Short breaks

For team leader Michael Grundmeyer, the balcony overlooking the water is the perfect place to take a short break.

Maurer Einbicke ins Unternehmen

Hamburg site

At its compact location in the south of Hamburg, Maurer Electronics develops future safety standards.

Maurer Moderne Arbeitsplätze

Modern offices

Bright office space with state-of-the-art features and equipment provide the perfect working environment.

Maurer Moderne Ausstattung

State-of-the-art equipment

State-of-the-art equipment enables in-house testing of the software and hardware solutions developed here.

Maurer Kurze Wegzeiten


The office building’s compact design ensures short distances between departments, meeting rooms and colleagues.

Maurer Teeküchen

Exchange among colleagues

Two tea kitchens serve as central contact points for short meetings and talks with colleagues.

Maurer Moderne Arbeitsfläche

Modern working environment

The building has several work areas with state-of-the-art features and equipment for longer meetings and conferences.

Insights into the company and its projects

Maurer Teaser Projekte


We are fascinated by digital data and forgery-proof identities. Join our team and be part of innovative projects geared to drive the digitalization of the public sector!

Maurer Einbicke ins Unternehmen

Insights into the company

Are you interested in contributing to the development of future security standards in an appreciative environment? At our compact location in the south of Hamburg, we can offer you the perfect conditions.

Maurer Zusammenarbeit


Teamwork is our top priority. With innovative and agile cooperation methods, we ensure that our employees can develop and implement their own solutions and that they can always rely on the expertise of their colleagues.

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Current vacancies in Hamburg

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