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Bundesdruckerei is synonymous for secure identities for both private business and governments. Find out about our solutions and products for secure digitalization ‘Made in Germany’.
AusweisIDent Vor-Ort
AusweisIDent On-Site: Secure electronic reading of ID card data
The AusweisIDent On-Site solution enables error-free electronic reading of ID card data.
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AusweisIdent Online
AusweisIDent Online: Digital identification with the ID card
The AusweisIDent Online method uses the electronic ID card, is thoroughly digital and legally compliant.
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Cloud Computing mit Bdrive
Bdrive: Cloud storage ‘Made in Germany’
New standards in data security: You can make your collaboration more efficient and secure with cloud storage ‘Made in Germany’.
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Business Services
Business Services: Efficient digital document exchange
Reduce internal administration costs with simple processes for digital document exchange.
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Ausweissysteme Identitäten
Capturing and protecting identities
In order to enable secure identities, staff at registration offices and ID card authorities have to capture the biographical and biometric data of the applicant according to standardized quality parameters. This is where our ID enrolment platform comes into play.
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Certificate Service Manager
Certificate Service Manager (CSM): Managing and requesting certificates
With the Certificate Service Manager (CSM), a managed PKI solution, you yourself can manage and request certificates.
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eGates: The automated border control
Fast checks with short waiting times and the highest level of security with eGate solutions. Automated border control, fast and secure.
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Elektronischer Heilberufsausweis
Electronic Health Professional Card (eHPC)
The eHPC is used by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists, psychotherapists or pharmacists to identify themselves when it comes to sensitive data or services in the digital health network.
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Machine certificates for secure machine communication
Machine certificates provide each machine with an identity which the machine can use to identify itself to other connected devices, persons and systems.
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