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It takes far more than just innovative technologies and smart solution modules to digitalise a company. Instead, a holistic approach is needed that includes all areas of a company. We can assist you with consulting, technologies, integration processes and support services, taking you step by step through each and every phase.

In recent years, we ourselves have made far-reaching changes, driving the digital transformation at the highest security level. That's why we know the enormous challenges that companies now have to face.

We see the digital transformation as an ongoing process. Our holistic consulting approach, our expertise and our comprehensive solution portfolio 'Made in Germany' offer you the best starting point for steering your company securely and successfully through the digital transformation. Our services range from maturity identification in an initial status check to solution consulting right through to operation and maintenance. We will help you to integrate your solution into legacy workflows and, if needed, you can leave project management in our capable hands too.

Solution consulting

The market is abound with suppliers of digitisation solutions. But which one is the right one for you? In order to be able to answer this question, you will need to know your goals and requirements. We can draw up both of these with you and advise you on the choice of supplier and solutions based on our many years of market experience.

Integration consulting

Once the concept has been drawn up, the solution then needs to be integrated – with precision – into the existing structures. We can assist you with this and also help you to identify any potential for optimisation.

Project management

The best technologies and products are no good if you and your team are unable to manage them smoothly. We will be pleased to show you the best way to make this work.

Operation & maintenance

To ensure that your new workflows and technologies continue to work long into the future, we can provide support service during operation and maintenance – just in case – along with crisis and incident management.

Solution consulting

When introducing a new technology, you will find yourself confronted with many questions: Which solutions are available on the market? Which technologies are best suited to your specific needs? Which aspects must be considered in order to ensure successful introduction and maximum benefits?

Together with you, we can identify the key goals that you wish to achieve. This will avoid costly changes over the course of the project. In order to find the perfect technologies and solutions for you, we will closely examine the market and advise you comprehensively regarding suitable types of concepts. Using an application-specific criteria catalogue, we will perform a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and evaluation of selected suppliers and then draw up a shortlist.

Integration consulting

Once your concept stands, we will advise you on how to integrate the new solution into your legacy systems and during commissioning of products. We will ensure that the solutions are perfectly tailored to your processes in order to achieve maximum added value. If necessary, we can also make organisational adjustments.

We do this by identifying and evaluating your current structures, processes and technologies in order to uncover any potential for optimisation. We will plan implementation and rollout and we will be at your side all the way. Our services also include project control, organisational support, reporting and progress control, along with a final report.

Finally, we will provide training courses for your employees.

Project management

Professional management is the key to completing projects successfully and on schedule. We can take over your project Management.

Together with you, we define your milestones and co-ordinate your schedules. We will ensure adherence to your budget and quality standards and co-ordinate stakeholders.

Operation & maintenance

Once the solution has been put into operation, it must run long into the future in a reliable and smooth manner and must be accepted and used by staff. We can help and advise you with regard to service level management, managed services, change management as well as crisis and incident management.

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