A Spotlight on Products

The secure digitalisation of company processes is a complex matter. We can support you with consultancy, technologies, integration processes and services through all phases of your digitalisation. Here are just some of our solutions and products.

Secure cloud solutions

Say goodbye to conventional IT infrastructures and make use of cloud services. Our solutions allow you to benefit from the advantages of cloud-based working while at the same time protecting your valuable corporate data against misuse.

Trust services

Make sure in the digital world too that the person you are dealing with is in fact who they claim to be. Based on digital certificates “Made in Germany”, you can use our electronic signatures, seals and time stamps to create trust in a digital Europe.

Document verification

Documents often have to be checked to ensure that they are genuine – not just at borders. In order to avoid misuse, staff at registration offices and private companies have to be able to check both quickly and reliably whether the documents presented are genuine or not.

Trust services

In the digital world, trust is also an important factor in communication between customers and partners.  Especially when it comes to finalising deals or exchanging sensitive data on the Internet, it is good to know who exactly you are dealing with.

As an independent third party, Bundesdruckerei's trust service provider D-TRUST establishes trust between business partners. Find out more about our solutions here.

Signature cards

In the digital world, the qualified signature replaces the hand-written one. You can use signature cards to sign digital documents, such as contracts, in a legally binding manner using a single medium.

Seal cards

The qualified electronic seal takes the conventional company stamps into the digital age. Seal cards prove to companies and public authorities the origin of digital documents in a legally recognised manner.

SSL/TLS certificates

Personal information, passwords and other sensitive data must be secured for transmission in online communications. You too can protect your website using encryption and our digital certificates.

Electronic signing

Digital signatures are easier than you think. The remote signature with sign-me is the key to customer-friendly and legally secure business processes for you, your customers and your business partners.