Reliable document verification

Documents often have to be checked to ensure that they are genuine – not just at borders. In order to avoid misuse, staff at registration offices and private companies have to be able to check both quickly and reliably whether the documents presented are genuine or not.

Assistance for document verification

For citizens' registration offices

The VISOTEC® and VISOCORE® products enable the verification of ID cards and passports.

For customs and police authorities

Identity checks are not only carried out at borders.

For private business

Staff at companies also have to quickly detect forged documents.

For citizens' registration offices

Staff at citizens' registration offices have to check identification documents. On the one hand, they check the documents produced by us before handing them over to citizens. They also check whether the data stored is correct and whether the person collecting the document is in fact the holder. Citizens themselves, however, can also verify the data when they collect their document. This provides them with complete control over their electronic data.

On the other hand, staff at citizens' registration offices often have to check foreign documents that are used as proof of legitimacy. But when it comes to reliably identifying whether or not these foreign passports and ID cards are genuine, the human eye is often not enough.

We have solutions on offer for all of these verification procedures. These include our VISOTEC® and VISOCORE® products.


The Police Crime Statistics registered around 62,000 forged documents for 2015.
Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik 2015, p. 94

For customs and police authorities

Identity checks are not only carried out at borders, police officers check ID documents during road checks while customs officers check these documents during inspections to uncover illegal workers. It is also important in situations like these that documents can be verified in a fast and reliable manner.

We have solutions on offer for all of these verification procedures. These include our VISOTEC® and VISOCORE® products.

For private business

Document verification

Staff at companies also increasingly have to quickly detect forged documents. Bank clerks, for instance, have to check the passport or ID card of a customer opening a new account. Airline ground crew issue boarding documents on the basis of the ID documents presented. When signing mobile phone, car rental or hire purchase contracts, it is also advisable for company staff to check the customer's identity before handing over expensive goods.

At the same time, technological progress and the many different international ID documents in use make it increasingly difficult or even impossible to check security features in a matter of seconds with the naked eye and to detect forged or manipulated documents.

We have solutions that can verify ID documents in a fast, reliable and secure manner. You can choose between individual components or an entire system. The hardware and software can be easily integrated in legacy IT infrastructures.

eID service

Electronic documents like the German ID card can also be used on the Internet as a means of identification. Service providers need a powerful eID service in order to make use of this feature. That's because fast and reliable verification of a potential customer's ID is vital for online shop operators or providers of financial services on the net. In this way, you can rest assured that your online business partners are in fact who they claim to be. At the same time, you also clearly identify yourself to your customers. This creates a high level of mutual trust. You can communicate with your customers using a single medium and you can offer anonymous login procedures as well as anonymous age verification for age-restricted services, such as video games.

The main elements of the new German eID architecture are the ID card, the AusweisApp software for citizens and the iTrust certificates for access to the document and the underlying technical and organisational security structures. Powerful eID management links these elements to each other and assumes the role of a higher-level trusted party for all the parties involved.

Our eID service authenticates and identifies the parties during eBusiness and eGovernment transactions and controls the entire AusweisApp communication. Each time data is exchanged, it ensures the required comparison with the iTrust certificates and revocation lists valid on the day.

With our trust service provider D-TRUST, we can provide you with comprehensive support during the introduction and use of the eID service, be it during eID connection or operation of the eID service or when ordering tokens and certificates. All of the components needed are available from a single source.

As a service provider, you will need the following components in order to use the eID service:

  • confirmation letter from the Issuing Office for Authorisation Certificates
  • Authorisation certificate
  • Token and SSL certificates
  • an eID connection (service provided by Bundesdruckerei)

Secure organisation


Document verification systems for secure identities

Fast and reliable ID verification

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