Reliable document verification

Documents often have to be checked to ensure that they are genuine – not just at borders. Staff at public authorities, such as registration offices, and at many companies have to be able to check ID documents quickly and reliably in order to prevent misuse.

Assistance for document verification

For municipal authorities

The VISOTEC® and VISOCORE® products enable the verification of ID cards and passports.

For customs and police authorities

Checking ID documents is an important task of customs and police officers.

For private business

Staff at companies also have to quickly detect forged documents.

For municipal authorities

Staff at municipal authorities, such as citizens’ registration offices, social security and labour offices, as well as driving licence and motor vehicle registration offices have to check many different national and foreign identity documents. These documents have to be checked in a fast and secure manner.

We supply our VISOCORE® OFFICE package for initial testing. This package comprises VISOTEC® Expert hardware and VISOCORE® Verify software. In a matter of seconds, this software can detect irregularities in a document.

If this happens, the document should be checked in more detail using our VISOCORE® PROFESSIONAL package which is made up of VISOTEC® Expert hardware and VISOCORE® Inspect software. With this software, trained document experts can identify without doubt whether or not the document presented is in fact a forgery.


The Police Crime Statistics registered around 75,000 forged documents for 2017.
Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik 2017, Volume 1, p. 18

For customs and police authorities

Identity checks are not only carried out at borders, police officers check ID cards and driving licences during road checks. Customs officers inspect these documents during checks against undeclared work. In situations like these, it is also essential for documents to be checked in a fast and reliable manner.

We have solutions on offer for all of these verification procedures, including for driving licences. Our VISOCORE® PROFESSIONAL package is ideal for this and comes with VISOTEC® Expert hardware and VISOCORE® Inspect software.

For private business

Staff at companies also increasingly have to quickly detect forged documents. Bank clerks, for instance, have to check the passport or ID card of a customer opening a new account. Airline ground crew issue boarding documents on the basis of the ID documents presented. When signing mobile phone, car rental or hire purchase contracts, it is also advisable for company staff to check the customer's identity before handing over expensive goods.

At the same time, technological progress and the many different international ID documents in use make it increasingly difficult or even impossible to check security features in a matter of seconds with the naked eye and to detect forged or manipulated documents.

The VISOCORE® OFFICE document verification system is ideal for checking customer IDs on site. The system can quickly and reliably check 1,800 ID documents from almost all countries of the world. Irregularities, for instance, in the optical and electronic security features, are automatically detected and marked. VISOCORE® OFFICE secures sales deals and other contracts in a vast range of sectors, including car retailers, the banking, insurance or energy sector.

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Document verification systems for secure identities

Fast and reliable ID verification

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