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Border controls should be fast and secure – no easy feat, considering the hundreds of different ID documents in use around the world. We can support you with tailored solutions.

During a time when demands on security at international borders are growing, it has become essential for travellers' identities and their right to enter a country to be checked both quickly and reliably.

Full ID | Border

Our Full ID | Border solution creates all the technical preconditions for the entire control process.

Full ID | Border is a modular, efficient, high-security and multi-level system comprising various components. A central background system forms the heart of the solution, enabling comprehensive monitoring and control of eGates and control stations. The individual services can be selected as modules which the user is free to adapt, modify, activate and deactivate. They can be recombined whenever process changes require this, for instance, in response to new laws or changed security conditions.

Full ID | Border consolidates the results of different types of checks (such as biometric checks) so that navigating between different applications is not necessary. Full ID | Border communicates via interfaces with several sovereign information systems, such as the Schengen Information System (SIS) and the Visa Information System (VIS).

The platform also includes interfaces which additionally simplify upstream processes in public and private organisations, for example, for issuing visas and capturing passenger data. The data captured during check-in can be automatically forwarded to the border control authorities of the respective destination countries. Standardised, interoperable interfaces enable easy integration of components from different manufacturers (such as biometric sensors).


Since the terror attacks of 2001, nations around the world have introduced comprehensive border controls in response to the growing international need for security. The number of flights, passengers and state-of-the-art large aircraft is also increasing. More air passengers at border control desks and more thorough checking of passports automatically mean longer queues, annoyed travellers and stressed border control officers.

The solution is automated border control systems with integrated liveness detection to protect against forgeries, so-called eGates. In 2014, Bundesdruckerei and its partner Secunet Security Networks AG began equipping Germany's busiest airports with innovative eGates. These systems have now been installed at the airports in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin-Tegel, Berlin Schönefeld and Cologne/Bonn. At present, the EU only permits these gates to be used by adult passengers with an electronic passport from the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland.

With our eGates, passenger flows can be handled faster. Passengers themselves can conveniently have their documents checked. The electronic passport is placed on the reader integrated into the eGate where a background system checks the document to see if it is genuine and valid. The glass door to the gate then opens and the passenger stands in front of a camera which then takes a photo. The live image is compared to the photo stored on the chip of the passport. If the images match, the second gate opens and the passenger can pass through. This entire procedure takes less than 18 seconds. If the images do not match, a border control officer will take the traveller for further clarification.

eGates are very secure and easy to handle, they save time and relieve border control officers of routine tasks.

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